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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by OKSooner, Nov 18, 2012.

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    I need an idea how to do this and rather than read thru all the existing threads about "show us your leaf trailer" I thought I'd get right to the point with a new thread.

    I've got a 12'x6'x6.5' bin built onto my trailer that I blow into with a Little Wonder leaf loader, mounted at the front of the trailer. I carry a push blower, backpacks and a 21" push mower in the bed of the pickup, along with tarps, rakes, gas cans and barrels. The rear doors of the leaf bin are secured by the tailgate. When I pull up the tailgate, it's smack up against the rear doors of the leaf bin. When I drop the tailgate at the dump, the doors just open and that's what I want. I grab the chain, which is hanging on the top of the left side of the leaf bin, hook it up, and drive.

    I've never filled up the leaf bin before going to the dump, and I don't want to. Let's just say that I'm pushing the limits of my valiant, faithful old F250 4.9l as it is.

    So I think the smart thing to do is as I've seen a couple of other guys doing: Move those rear doors a couple of feet forward and make a small spot in the back for my push blower and mower and gas cans.


    Thanks in advance, and everyone have a nice Thanksgiving no matter who is President.:usflag:
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    Just to be clear, how to construct a suitable way of securing the doors closed without having the tailgate up against them to support them against the weight of the leaves. Gotta be able to still open the doors all the way out.
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    Can you secure a rachet strap around them?

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