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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mcmillanlawncare, Feb 4, 2006.

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    I have been mowing lawns for about 4 years now and now its time to expand my business. this year i'm going to get more adavanced intot he landscaping asuch as patios brick sidewalks and other things and im also going to get in to sealing driveways now i used this name mcmillan lawncare for like 4 years now i need help to make my name which is mcmillan and mke a name after it sound professional and have all these services in it should i call it mcmillan landscaping- keep it the same with mcmillan lawncare - should i have 2 seperate business name one mcmillan lawncare and the other mcmillan seal coating i don'tknow would osmeone please help me!!!???!!!???
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    I would go with McMillan Landscaping. In my opinion, it's the McMillan that people would use in referring to your business. For new customers, landscaping conjures the full range of services.

    On advertising use a catch phrase for whatever service you are offering at the top, then in the bottom contact info, list your company name. Sell the service, not your company name. That is unless your company name means something to non-customers. ie You sponsor a radio show or are the local expert on landscaping, etc. Sell the service!

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