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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by SOS Landscaping, May 11, 2008.

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    Ive been handing out door hanger flyers in some new neighborhoods. What do you guys do when say only 1 or 2 people call you back in that area? I mean obviously you would want to take the job but for an average priced lawn is it worth it to load up, unload, cut and load back up to get somewhere to another neighborhood? I wouldnt want to turn the person down on the phone intitally because maybe more people will call. what would you do?
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    I think you have to decide if you want to work in that area. We have several areas that have 1 or 2 accounts in them. They are on the route and we will continue to advertise in those areas to add accounts. Remember 1 account gets you in the area and people see you working and this fact may generate more contacts in that area. We service any account that is within 10 miles of the office. Last year that area was about 7 miles. This is working for us and we are experiencing steady growth.
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    You are just starting out right? 1) Take all jobs you think will be profitable, your route may not be tight at first. 2) Do an excellent job at each one 3) Your work will speak for itself and word of mouth will be your best advertisng method 4) Your client numbers will grow and you can weed out the PITA's.
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    yes starting out. I kind of figured that. I am basically sticking to just my town as we have a lot of neighborhoods, but there is the few people that are recommended me to others in surrounding towns that are good paying jobs,but at the same time by the time i add travel, fuel and taking away time I could be doing other work im breaking even. But you are both right. first year so I wont be all that tight on my route so I will take what i can get. thanks
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    Its not about getting callbacks for every hanger. You are branding, getting people acquainted with your company. Next time they see your name, they will be familiar with it.

    Don't stop targeting neighborhoods you want to work in. Take the lawns you can get and get people used to seeing you around.

    Think long term.

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