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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by RonWin, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. RonWin

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    Many times when i get a call to come give estimates for jobs people ask if the complete lawn care maintence that i offer includes fertilizing. What should i be doing in order to offer fertilization ? Is an applicators lic. necessary? How many applications should i be applying? Will i be dealing with people complaining about their lawn dieing out anything like that ? I know that if it doesnt rain and theres no irrigation system then its outa my hands in the times of draught. Inputs plz
  2. trock

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    You should be licensed to apply fertilizer. You should have proper insurance that allows you to perform fertilizer treatments. Number of apps depends on your area that you work, each property is different and requires different treatment. You should learn as much as you can about weed control and fertilizing before treating lawns. If you kill a lawn it could bleed into the next lawn and then you have to replace two lawns....
  3. RonWin

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    Where does one go in order to get licensed? What does it require? I would be needing to get licensed NOW in order to be able to service lawns come the start of the season. TBH most home owners that ask about fertilizing their lawns end up saying (after i tell them in not licensed ) that all they would want me to do is spread the bag that they have and charge them for applying it. Nothing real serious from most of the people asking about it but i would like to have all the know how.
  4. Penscape Landscaping

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    In nc you must have ornamental/turf license to spray herbicide and spread fert
  5. pineymountain

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    Can you point me to where the state says this because I have only found the requirement of a pesticide license in NC. Herbicide and Fert seem to be unlicensed.
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  6. Biogreen

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    Call your local cooperative extension office. they will make sure your legal. if not hire a lawn spraying company.
  7. pineymountain

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    Im calling about a soil sample so good idea. I also put in a email to the Ag dept a few moments ago. Im just curious because my wife has a pesticide license ( she is an entomologist) and she said that there is not one for herbicides. Of course she could be wrong. I also looked up and saw you DO need a license for fertilizer distribution. I'll ask about clarification on that.

    And for the record Im not trying to argue anything, just trying to figure this out.
  8. pineymountain

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    OK, according to the Orange Co Agent- yes herbicides fall under pesticides so you do need one, no you don't need a license for fertilizers. I'm just spot spraying round-up. Guess I need that license.

    sorry for the thread jack, carry on.
  9. turfmd101

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    A herbicide is a pesticide. The three primary pesticides commonly used in turfgrass management are insecticides, fungicides and herbicides...all are "pesticides". There are more also. Sounds like you have a LONG way to go. Do more research.
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  10. metro36

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    Depending on your county in NY there is no state licensing requirement to apply plain fertilizer. If that fertilizer contains any kind of herbicide, insecticide, or fungicide then a 3a applicators license is required. You will have to take the 30 hour course and pass the core and category exams. You will become a pesticide technician which allows you to apply general use pesticides. You then must take DEC 12 credits and get 1 year of experience to move up to a commercial applicator. This allows you to apply restricted use pesticides and apply at schools etc. In addition to an tech/ applicator license, you will also need to obtain a business registration for your license.

    Suffolk county requires any business who applies fertilizer to take a 4 hour turf management class. This course is meant to educate business on how to determine the right type and amount of fertilizer to apply in order to reduce nitrogen pollution. Your county may have a similar requirement.

    I would start by contacting you local Cornel Cooperative Extension. They will have information on fertilizer laws and licensing. A list of 30 hour courses can be found on the DEC website. I took mine through a local landscape association.

    And FYI you can still get in trouble if you spread a fertilizer containing a pesticide when the homeowner supplies the product.

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