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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by malliso, Nov 7, 2004.

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    hello I am a little new at the ferts and overseed jobs but last week i scalped my fathers lawn slit seeded it with fescue and fertilized with fertilome s new lawn starter.Today I was watering and noticed that it was starting to grow in some places and not in others..I was wondering if I am gonna get a nice even coverage of fescue if some would pop up later?just curious as to why it all isnt popping up at the same time...another thing is that i overseeded the backyard and havent seen much back there.I think it might have to do with the bag of fescue my father bought.He bought it about 6 months ago and left it in the garage.I told him it might be bad,but do you think it could be the cause?
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    Germination of the seed occurs over a period of time and not all seed will germinate at once. Some factors that effect germination are shaded areas versus sunny areas, one area getting more moisture than another area, to much moisture such as water standing in puddles can cause damping off that will kill the seed, ect. You have also been experienceing some frost in Chattanooga,(at least 2 days last week) which will definatly slow germination As for the seed kept in the garage, moisture can effect the seed as well as storing a bag in direct sunlite where it can absorb heat. A cool dry area is best for storing seed.

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