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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MountaineerMowingService, May 17, 2006.

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    I have a basically brand new John Deere 48" hydro walkbehind that has a proslide mounted on it. This required me to put a 50 lb. tractor weight on the front end to keep the mower down.

    Anyhow, the mower has worked fine and cuts great, but recently, the pistol grips have kind of started "sticking" when i have them pulled up and am wanting to release them. So if i am making a 180 turn to go back the other way, and i get turned around and want to release the controls to speed up, 1 or both stick a little making it hard to release evenly and stay going in a straight line. They will eventually go down but its not one fluid motion like it was a month ago. What could I do for this problem??? Any ideas???

    My other question has to do with do with the mower pulling me. When i first mounted the proslide, i could tell a difference in up hill vs. downhill which i guess is to be expected. I was slower going uphill, like the mower could not pull me as well. The mower has a brand new 17 horse kaw engine so i didnt think power was a problem. Well i have discovered that as i turn to go uphill i can take my fingers and push the pistol grips down...towards the ground, the mower will speed up to full speed going uphill, so the mower will definetly pull me full speed, its just like the controls may be holding me back or something...any ideas for this as well????
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    Do you have grease zircs on the controls? My Ferris does, and I keep them greased. Also, on the hills. I was noticing the same thing, and found out that on steep uphills, I was inadvertantly slighty gripping the controls, slowing myself down.
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    I had the same problem on a different mower, try spraying the joints of the grips with W-D 40. It worked for me. Now I do this about once a month.

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