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Question about PLUGR aerators


LawnSite Member
I have a question about the PLUGR aerators that seem to be so popular.

I like the cam-driven tines rather than rotary tines found on other equipment.

I also like the way the PLUGR unit aerates the entire width of the machine, unlike other units.

I've found a dealer in my area and talked to him on the phone. It's a bit of a drive to get there but I don't mind if the machine does everything I think it will do.

There's one thing I didn't think to ask the dealer though until now...

I'm a little embarassed to ask, but I can't really figure out from the website... Are the PLUGR units (other than the PLUGR 810 which says it has hydrostatic drive) self-propelled? Do they kinda push themselves along as the tines poke into the ground somehow? Or do you push it your own self? This might matter on hills.

As long as we're on the subject, do you guys like your PLUGRs?



LawnSite Fanatic
Yes, and I'm pretty sure it applies to all aerators they are self-propelled if for
no other reason than the axle turning its tines into the ground will pull it forward,
kind of like a tiller but not quite.

And most have a couple of smaller wheels that propel as well so you can move over
paved areas but once on the turf most of the motion comes through the tines.

There's very little in ways of pushing there, basically just walk along but the brunt of work with aerating comes when turning,
unfortunately most are solid axle and so there's nothing doing besides manhandling it in the turns, try and go straight, lots lol