question about pricing a mulch and clean up job

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by rbljack, May 5, 2013.

  1. rbljack

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    Ok, I have a question about how much to charge for a job. A homeowner had a list of things he wanted done, and here is the list:

    2 small trees removed, took about 1.5 hours.
    hedge trimming on 4 bushes.
    raked the entire yard of leaves and debris.
    cleaned the beds, laid landscape fabric down, and when it all said and done, it will be about 45-50 bags of mulch total.
    We also raked the whole yard to remove all the debris and leaves from the grass which were embedded in the lawn. is a homeowners tip for you, avoid Live Oaks (I think that's what they were). They drop leaves that do not bag up with a lawnmower, plus they drop thousands of small acorns too! PITA.

    anyways, we have about 11 hours into it so far, and probably another 2 or 3 to finish. The only equipment really used was the back pack blower (lots of use on this, we filled up the BR600 twice and ran it dry both times), and a chainsaw/polesaw for about an hour.

    I am being paid by the hour on this job, plus reimbursement for all materials. Im curious what hourly rate yall might charge for this type of work. Any help would be appreciated, im curious to know how bad I underbid for an hourly rate.
  2. richardcog

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    I charge 60.00 per hour but I try not to do hour jobs I will price it out. But if I did it would be 60.00 cause that is what it takes for me to make it but now that is my company. All company are not the same. I hope this helped
  3. LandFakers

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    I'd be at 60/hour aswell plus 75/yard for mulch put down. Gotta make sure you make something on materials.
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  4. Curcioslawn

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    I get $50 per man hour so two guys it would be 100 per hr. As far mulch $65 per yard installed also $60 per trip to the dump with the leaves an brush, unless they can stay there
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  5. rbljack

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    I only charged 35 per hour plus materials reimbursement because its a co worker of mine, so he is getting a deal. I figured I was on the cheaper side of things, but I just have this feeling that he is going to balk when he sees the bill. Total job cost is just over 500 bucks so far, and we still have another afternoons work to finish the walkway border, and finish the border along the front of house along with laying another 15 bags of mulch.

    So total bags is around 45. Id have to do some research to see how many yards of mulch that is.

    Typically the charges for mulch that I see people post on here don't include prep work though, only laying down the mulch.

    Thanks for the quotes that yall are providing though. I know some are hesitant to list prices, and I appreciate the fact that yall posted those. I know my bid was on the cheap, but being a cowoker, I didn't mind helping him out.

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