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How often is a new version released? The reason why I ask is because they are offering a special $150 off if purchased by Oct. 31st, 2005. This is for version 11. To upgrade from version 11 to 12 will probably cost about $300. Is it better to get the $150 off now or wait and save $300 for version 12? I emailed them about this and asked if there would be a free upgrade since I was purchasing so late in the year. About 4 years ago Lawn Monkey (scheduling, routing & invoicing software company) had a deal at an expo late in the year. Since you were purchasing the software at the end of the season, you were entitled to a free upgrade at the new season. I would like the fact if I purchased now, I would have plenty of time over winter to learn how to use the program. I am just now getting ready to do my first landscape job. It's a small one, but need to learn. I probably turn down 1/2 dozen every year. I do have 4 years expierence in the landscaping field. I am using my cousin, who has a degree in hortculture design, to design my job(s).


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Not sure on the schedule for releases, but I'm sure David Sloan from Prolandscape can give you a clue. He is a great guy and very helpful. I am using version 11 and it is a great product. You do need to understand it is not really design software, but a drafting tool. It will not create designs for you. It is a digital pencil in 2D and a presentation tool to better explain your ideas in 3D. A lot of time goes into learning how to use it and being proficient with it.

If you cousin is doing good designs and has made you and your clients happy, why change? Nothing compares to hand drawn and colored designs. I'm sure you are paying for the designs, and if not, your cousin and I need to talk, you should be charging your customers for professional landscape designs. A good plan is essential to a good landscape and is worthwhile to you and your client. Having a degree in horticulture gives your cousin a big advantage over most the design landscapes and your field experience can guide them to practicality and installation.

Design and consulting can be a full time job that leads to innovative and unique landscapes. Maybe you should get the software for your cousin and contract your design work out for a reduced rate.