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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by ptjackson, Aug 28, 2005.

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    My father works with a man who has moved into town and no longer needs a his hustler fastrack. It's the 52" model with the 20HP honda engine. I think it is about 2 years old with around 90 hours on it. It seems to be in pretty good shape with the exception of it pulls a little when both levers are pushed all the way forward. The gentleman wants 4,000 for it which I think is too much.

    I think I would be willing to pay around $3,200 for the machine. Does this seem fair?

    Other questions I have is,

    The transmission has been replaced should a make sure that the transmission is the "newer" type, after reading the thread it seems like there was a problem with one version that didn't allow for changing of the filter, fluid?

    Any other things I should look out for? Again after reading the threads it seems the pulling could be caused by #1. tire pressure, #2, needs adjustment #3 bad pumps?

    I was going to wait a couple of years and buy new but if I can get a good deal now I'd be willing to buy now.

    Thanks everyone in advance, it looks like there are a lot of happy hustler owners here.

  2. mowerconsultant

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    If you can get it for what your thinking I think that would be a deal.
    As to the transmissions, if they were replaced it was likely with the newer style.
    As far as tracking goes, it could be tire pressure or a simple linkage adjustment.

  3. zgman

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    I'd be curious as to why the transmission was replaced with only 90 hours. Was it a factory defect or neglect? The pulling is likely the linkage, wonder if it's always been drifting and ignored? I'd wonder if the oil has been changed every season. Also, would wonder if 90 hours is accurate. I'd forward PJ the serial number so he could check to see when the unit was sold. Sorry to sound so negative, I'd hate to spend a few grand for a lemon. :waving:

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