Question about putting bug killer down on the lawn

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Jeffd1979, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. Jeffd1979

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    I am thinking about putting some of that bug killer down on the lawn but i wanted to make sure that it would not burn out the lawn even worse then it is now.. I put down to much fertilizer this year and the lawn started to burn out.. it is just now starting to come back around.. I areated it on tue and was thinking about putting down this bug killer.. Does it have any fertlizer in it or does it just kill the bugs.. can anyone recommend a good brand to use that they carry at home depot or lowes?
  2. timinkc

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    what kind of bugs do you have?
    fert burning yard...if you aren't getting much rain you need to water the lawn to help that burning (more is not always better) lol
  3. Jeffd1979

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    Ya well i know that now.. I put down a bunch of 10-10-10 and the lawn was doing great then i saw a few weeds popping up so i put down some weed and feed about 3 weeks later.... we have had a severe drought lately so the yard did not get much water.. i try to water about twice a week but my water bill is like 150 a month so i try not to do it more then that.. This is a new house and the lawn was just planted last fall.. here is what it looked like last october


    Most of the patches are now filled in that you can see but the yard is nowhere near that green.. The neighbor told me to put down the bug stuff.. he did not say what bugs we had but he says he has to put it down every year.

    I also have alot of rhy grass growing.. will that die off in the heat this summer? does it come back every year?
  4. Critical Care

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    Ugh! Some of that weed and feed has high percentages of nitrogen - up to 30%. It's very important to get water on the lawn AFTER putting this stuff down.

    What chemical to use for your bugs depends upon the type of bugs that you may have. Are you trying to control leaf hoppers, cranefly larvae, whiteflies, or what? Do you see bugs or bad spots in the lawn?

    Most liquid pesticides can cause phytotoxicity, or foliage burning, if application is done when temperatures are above 85 degrees, or if application rates are excessive, however I don't believe that granular pesticides have this problem. I've never seen or looked for a pesticide/fertilizer - they could be out there, but if there is one you surely don't need it.

    Looks like a lovely place... and I love the brick house.
  5. JWR

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    Use granulated anti-bug pellets. Works for me on boxelder bugs, general pests.
    Lowes and Home Depot seem to carry 2 brands. It won't affect your grass in any way except that the grubs and bugs that ate grass and grass roots will be thinned down. I personally would NOT just do a broad general application of anti bug pellets however. For one thing it is not cheap. For another you may do something unintended that none of us thought of.
    I think best policy is use the pellets where you have had or anticipate a problem in a fairly small locallized area.
    Like around certain trees, around the edge of the porches, etc. Wherever you had trouble.

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