Question about reseeding?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Pittsburgh Panther, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. Pittsburgh Panther

    Pittsburgh Panther LawnSite Member
    from N.W. Pa
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    Guys, my grass is dead where I killed the annual rye. Some of the areas are pretty big do I have to ruff up the area or can I just cut the dead grass real low and broadcaste the seed on these areas? What do you guys suggest?

    Thanks ahead of time.

    Pittsburgh Panther
  2. coachgrd

    coachgrd LawnSite Member
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    Pitt Panther:
    Sorry I can't help you with your re-seeding question but how do you think Dave Wannstat will do?

    BTW, I think its pretty cool that the university is going back to being know as "Pitt", that University of Pittsburgh never worked for me.

    Where 'bouts in pgh are you? I'm up here in drErie area.
  3. Charles

    Charles Moderator Staff Member
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    You have to break the ground up before you seed--steele rake or areate etc
  4. Green Pastures

    Green Pastures LawnSite Silver Member
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    This is not the best time of year to seed fescue. It'll germinate no doubt but it may not make it through the summer.

    I'd use some sort of germination helper, the recycled newspaper product in pellet form, the many different kind of blanket products that are available, lot's of humus.....

    All in the name of making the soil hold some water and stay cooler in the next few months.
  5. Rtom45

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    Anything you can do to increase the seed contact with the soil will improve your chances of having the seed germinate. I'd take the time to rough up the soil where you intend to plant. Its not too late in NW PA. to plant now, this spring has been unusually cool. Some kind of mulch/ straw/ other cover would be good and be sure to water especially with the dry weather we've had lately.
  6. Pittsburgh Panther

    Pittsburgh Panther LawnSite Member
    from N.W. Pa
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    Wanny will do well. People will have to be patient. He has a pretty good team this year minus our defensive line. We have good young defensive ends that will be good but don't have any experience but I am really worried about defensive tackle. We were not good there last year and these guys that will be playing this year did not beat out those guys last year.

    Didn't really care either way about Pitt going back to Pitt.

    I live south of you probably. I live in Slippery Rock.

    Are you a Pitt fan or PSU fan?
  7. coachgrd

    coachgrd LawnSite Member
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    Slippery Rock eh? I am a proud '88 grad of that fine institution.

    As for my Pitt/ PSU prefrence, I side with the Nittany Lions.
  8. Pittsburgh Panther

    Pittsburgh Panther LawnSite Member
    from N.W. Pa
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    That's too bad your a PSU fan. LOL Will you guys win 6 games this year? Considering how easy your schedule is in the beginning you should be 4-0 right off the bat. With some luck you guys might win 8 and your coach might retire. It's too bad Joe will not play Pitt. I am going to start calling the Nittany lions the Nittany ducks instead.

    By the way, I graduated from Westminster in 88 also.

    You should see all the construction that is going on your old campus. 100 mil for new dorms, new science center, and probably many other new building since you used to go to school at the Rock.


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