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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by lugnut#6, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. lugnut#6

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    i called the Ms. Bureau of plant industry to ask about guidelines as far as what i can and cant do without a landscapers license.he told me as long as i don't call myself a landscaper or advertise as such there would be no problem with me helping out some of my lawn customers with such things as sod,removing and replacing plants killed by the surge,etc.

    is this what they refer to as "title law" where as the title of landscaper only is protected by law?Ive seen others here refer to it as that.

    do i still need to check with city officials for their guidelines or is the state the only agency that determines the guidelines?
  2. tthomass

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    why not just get the license?
  3. lugnut#6

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    that would require 2 years working under someone else.or a 2yr landscape design program at the local jr collage.

    im not interested in doing anything major.mainly small sod jobs that others dont want to mess with.just trying to do some small things to make this place look better.

    due to Katrina there is far more work to be done here than we have contractors to do it.this place was basically wiped from the map.

    with 65,000 homes destroyed,along with their yards.getting a lil sod laid and new plants means a lot more to folks here than in most means closure to a life changing experience.

    also we have a 16"+ rainfall deficit and the grass isnt growing much but for some reason the mortgage company still wants their money.

    so instead of some out of state con-man,charging 5 times what they should,taking advantage of people in desperate situations,my customers have been asking me to help.and i'll do whatever i can,legally to help them while making myself a few bucks.

    thats why.
  4. tthomass

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    daaaaym, glad i'm in we just walk into a local government building and fill out a paper and walk out with a county license

    then there is state license/incorporated.............fed #'s but nothing like 2yrs working unless you're a plumber, i think thats 3??

    good luck
  5. Mike33

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    Every state varies. I choose to play by the rules. If you get licence you can really extend your business. Especially in your situation with all of the work and ins., etc., money availble.
  6. topsites

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    I wouldn't be so sure, I'm in Virginia and I made sure to register my business under Agricultural services and I do believe it does not make me a Landscaper. But as far as sod and all that, who can install it and who can't? In this case I think you're right, who cares!?
  7. Mac_Cool

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    In NC you must have 3 years of qualifying experience to get a license.
    2 year degree in horticulture or similiar is good for 1 year
    4 year degree in landscape arch is good for 1.5 years
    crewman is good for 75%, supervisor is 100%
    all the requirements
  8. yamadooski

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    You guys are very lucky to have government regulation for your inudstry.
    Here in Florida any tom dick and blow nut can pick up a shovel and call themselves a landscaper.
    I guess that why there is over 6,000. Lic Lcos in Tampa.

    Is there life after lawn/landscaping after 14 years?
  9. Critical Care

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    In some states, such as where I am, if you’re not a licensed landscaper then you can’t advertise that you do landscaping. Nor can you call yourself a landscaper. That’s simple enough, but you also need to know where your limits are. Perhaps in Mississippi a non-licensed landscaper can do minor planting, however it could also be that once the job amount exceeds a specific dollar value, then you need to be licensed. It’s always a good idea to know what your legal limits are.

    FATWEASEL LawnSite Senior Member
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    Title law is a vague term that could apply to many different things but it appears in your state that the term "landscaper" is the key title. In NC the term "contractor", as in a landscape contractor is what gets you in trouble.
    This is NC's law:

    On and after December 1, 1975, it shall be unlawful for any person, partnership, association or corporation in this State to use the title "landscape contractor," or to advertise as such without first obtaining a certificate issued by the North Carolina Landscape Contractors' Registration Board under provisions of this Chapter.

    A "landscape contractor" within the meaning of this Chapter is any person, partnership, association or corporation who for compensation or valuable consideration or promise thereof engages in the business requiring the art, experience, ability, knowledge, science and skill to install, plant, repair and maintain gardens, lawns, shrubs, vines, bushes, trees and other decorative vegetation including the grading and preparation of plots and areas of land for decorative treatment and arrangement; who constructs or installs garden pools, fountains, pavilions, conservatories, hothouses and greenhouses, incidental retaining walls, fences, walks, drainage and sprinkler systems; or who engages in incidental construction in connection therewith, or does any part thereof in such a manner that, under an agreed specification, an acceptable landscaping project can be executed. (1975, c. 741, s. 2.)

    The provisions of this Chapter shall not apply to and shall not include any person, partnership, association or corporation who shall perform any of the acts aforesaid in G.S. 89D-2 with reference to any property, so long as that person, partnership, association or corporation shall not use the title "landscape contractor."

    I would at least check with your county office and the state level. I was told by the state registration board that I could use the words landscapes, landscaping, landscaper in my business name and for advertising as long as i didn't use the word "Contractor".

    I was also told to be careful when listing in the yellow pages because sales ad reps had been known to mistakingly list lawn care operators under the landscape contractor category in the phone book instead of other categories like lawn services. I was informed that this would result in me receiving a nasty letter from the state board.;)

    Decide what you want your business name to be or what it is you want to say in your ads and just call and ask if it's ok.:)

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