Question about Running Pavers alongside Asphalt and what to use to fill the crack.

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Jb3NH, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. Jb3NH

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    Good Morning, I'm in the tail end of a walkway installation that runs perpendicular to an asphalt driveway. I cut into the asphalt slightly inward, i compacted the heck out of my base, and i have just enough fabric to lap up against the asphalt base. So now, i haven't polysanded in the pavers and, i have this void between where the final pavers lay and the asphalt. My measurements & cut, could have been (alot) better.. What would you guys use suggest i use to fill the gap, that at its start is about 1/2 inch and ends somewhere at about 1 1/2 inch?

    I've got a couple ideas, but i'm hoping someone with more experience has a better solution.
  2. mnglocker

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    Cut the asphalt back far enough to install a whole paver row. Leave only baout a 1/4" gap and poly sand it.
  3. StoneFaced

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    What he said ^^

    Also, use a chalk line! You can also use a long straight 2x4 or piece of plywood to run your saw along as a guide, if your too wobbly w/ your saw.
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  4. Jb3NH

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    Thanks for the advice Mnglocker. I guess I could do that. The way its lays, it would look better if there was some sort of patching product I could use to make up the differnce. Over the entire lenghth I'm probably the only one that'll ever notice it, and I could bridge it with a lenghth wise half cut paver. Or slight paver shift over the 7 foot width to compensate. Sucks, I just want it to look perfect.
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  5. Jb3NH

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    Dang MobileDevice ate my reply. So here the thing. I made the cut into the asphalt already. If I remove anymore its gonna bad. Overconfidence and powertools got the better of me. The cut is pretty good and straight. Took a long approach using an angle grinder and a chaulk line to score the asphalt then a cut off saw to finish the cut.
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  6. whosedog

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    If you don't want to cut the blacktop more ,have you considered cold patch, the blacktop patch in bags? I filled in the gap between my new driveway apron and the road with that and it looks fine.Put sealer on the driveway and it will look uniform.(I'm just a homeowner,not a hardscaper,but that's what I would do).
  7. Jb3NH

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    Hey Whosedog, that sounds like a pretty dang good idea and i think i'm going to roll with that. Part of what makes this project a royal pain in the rear is that the pavers are special order and i have a fixed amount to play around with. Roughly guessing 15 out of 2 pallets for cuts. This project is going to come out wicked nice, with the small exception of the gap fill, but i think i can pull it off.
  8. Lugnut

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    Cold patch always works well for me, I use the Sakrete asphalt patch, usually buy it at home depot. Works well when driveways have some crazy slant and low spots, where butting pavers up to the asphalt evenly would throw off the walkway
  9. 2low4NH

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    ICPI says granite or concrete curbing between pavers / asphalt this will stop migration
  10. Jb3NH

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    Well, here what i did. I filled the crack with a 'Latex-ite Super Patch Deep Crack'

    Umm. so i filled my deep crack with this premixed stuff from 2inches wide to 1/8 wide and compacted the heck outta it and did the best I could to smooth out the surface. Homeowner approved.

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