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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by NLPS, Feb 21, 2018.

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    Didn’t know where to post this but I may have a potential job in the spring/summer for removing grass and installing some sort of sharp rock to keep snakes away from a building. Now I know the whole bit about snakes and eco systems but this property is in an industrial park beside a highway, the renters have had issues with snakes sunning at their main entrance and getting into their main garage bay.

    So my question is has anyone ever installed a ground cover product that seems to deter snakes?

    I’m mainly thinking lava rock, crushed concrete or brick, possibly crushed granite.
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    Rock is quick to absorb thermal radiation from the sun and quite stubborn to release that thermal energy. They heat up fast and cool down slowly. I believe any kind of rock would be a magnet for all cold-blooded reptiles. I think something that gives shade without giving close ground cover would be the answer.
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    Snakes love the stones around my house. My wife throws bricks at them and crushes them. Not kidding.
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    Thank you guys for the replies, Though i don’t know how well a mongoose would survive up here :laugh:. After talking with the property manager, they don’t want grass as the tenants are obligated to keep it maintained. So they want rock as they aren’t concerned about trapping heat, another issue is the snakes like to climb into the brick weep holes in the building so the main goal is to keep them away from the main entrance areas. I’ve check around some gardening websites and it seems that marigolds and lava rock have a 90% chance of keeping the slithery pests away. This is the same buildng that I did a fence clean up job at in the late summer (brown building in the far right). They plan on doing a bunch of building And landscape updates as the area over the septic and beside the ac unit are overgrown as well.

    Anyhow if there is anyone with any more suggestions to this problem, they are welcomed.

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