Question about steering smoothness on Super Z's

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by UGA, May 20, 2003.

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    I have searched for any information on this and haven't found any yet but for maybe one post. I currently have a 52' GDAne Surfer witha 22hp Kohler and as long as I keep the blades super sharp it is a pretty good mower but I will be looking for a ZTR when I go fulltime with this and am comparing all models that I like the most. Right now the top 2 on my list are Exmark and the Super Z. There are many features which are important to me and I will rate them as ALL equally important; 1. Quality of cut, 2. SPEED, 3.Durability/Longevity, 4. Great dealer support. From everything I am hearing about the Super Z it has all of these except for the great dealer in my area of Nashville, Tennessee. I will get back to that point in a minute but first I would like to ask about the Super Z's steering. I recently was at a John Deere dealer trying to get some replacement blades for my Surfer and he was showing me a LandPride ZTR which I drove around the parking lot and on their little grassy area there. I was really impressed with the smooth steering of this mower comapred to MANY other I've been on including ExMark, Bobcat, etc. Can the same be said of the Super Z's steering? If Excel can get a Hustler dealer in the Nashville area as good as the Exmark dealers you will have a winner. My buddy was between a Super Z and a Lazer and had to go with the Lazer because when he went to the Hustler dealer they were trying to sell him a John Deere. Anyway he and now I am looking for a dealer that we know can give us demo mower if our needs work and they have it there in the shop. Both Exmark dealers do this and they both sell a boatload of mowers yearly. Anyway, sorry for the longwinded post but I just wanted to get it all out. Thanks for any feedback you could give.
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    The Super Z's steering is due to a few things.
    Linkage design and installation, our dampeners, and the pump/wheel motor combos.
    We use a larger pump than anyone else’s in a similar application.
    Other mfg's will tell you we use the same pumps they do (Hydro Gear BDP-10's) with just smaller wheel motors, this is way off base.
    We use a pump that is 2 times larger in volume than the BDP-10, we use a BDP-21, that in combination with the smaller wheel motors (White CE-18's) gives you your ground speed and very smooth operating hydraulics.
    On your dealer situation, I will talk to the factory rep that handles your area, I am in Kansas as we speak, and I will see him in the am.
    E-mail me @ and I will forward your info directly to him.

    Hope this helps
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    hey uga,
    have you tried franklin kubota? i purchased 27 kohler 60" super z yesterday. the dealer locator didnt pick em up. feel free to e mail me and ill give you the info.
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    I already sent you an email but thought I would answer you here as well. Franklin is way about 60 miles from where I am in Robertson County north of Nashville so I hadn't really considered them. There are Exmark, Dixie Chopper, Scag, Walker, Country Clipper(?), Landpride, John Deere, Ferris (need I go on) within 25 miles of me so I am hoping to find a (Good) Hustler dealer that is also as close. There is Bryant Equipment which is only about 15 miles from my house in Clarksville but just from my experience of trying to order some blades from that guy I definitely don't have the confidence to make a $9grand purchase from him; As well he says he can't supply me with a loaner mower if mine is down because he usually only has one or two in stock. I could be wrong about him but he always seems to be trying to pass something off on me. I tried to order a set of .240 or .250 (heavy duty) high lift blades for my Surfer in 18" at 5/8" center hole and after 2 tries gave up and called JThomas and had them in 2 days for half the price. Now after this experience I have figured out that most dealers are very similar in that if you tell them your brand of mower and they don't sell it, they can't help you or don't realize that they probably have what you need although it's made for a different mower.

    Anyway, sorry again for being longwinded, I may go back by there today to see if anything has changed.
  5. imograss

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    dealer support is a huge consideration, ive never dealt with this dealer until now. they keep all the common parts in stock. i didnt have a problem with my deere dealer (consumer tractor) i just wanted to try somethin different. i really like the super z.
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    Give Lebanon Kabota a try and ask for John. They are right on the corner of 70 and 109 off just 5 miles off of I40 at exit 232. Great guys and excellent service according to several of the local LCO's. Curently working with John on either a FasTrak, Mini Z or and Exmark. He has been great to work with and has answered all of my stupid questions. Let me demo all but the mini Z today on my yard. (Didn't have a Mini in stock or I would have rode that one too.) IMO the steering on the Hustler far out performed the Exmark. Was running smooth figure 8's in the back yard with the FasTrak, but struggled to make a smooth turn with Exmark. Probably just take some getting use to, but the Hustler was right on out of the shoot. Good luck.
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    I went back to Bryant Equipment this past Friday and was came away feeling a lot more confident about making a purchase from them. The owner assured me that as a commercial cutter, if I come in with a problem I will be looked at immediately and if something is wrong that they are throwing their hands up in the air they will contact Hustler about a replacement mower to get me back on the road. As well I was able to demo a Super Z there on the lot and was thoroughly impressed. I'd like to go back and talk to Dave about running a demo on my own yard but he sells them as fat as he gets them.

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