Question about Stihl Kombisystems and gearboxes.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by jglawnmowing, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. jglawnmowing

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    I have two Kombi motors, one fitted with the edger attachment and one with the trimmer head. As some of you may know i just have to loosen a nut and swap shafts. What i was wondering though is if i can just but a different gearbox attachment rather than paying the extra money to buy the attachment with the shaft included. i just would like to get the pole saw or cultivator and figured if i can save a little by juswt buying the gearboxes i will.
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    The last time I needed a(FS series) edger gear head for a customer it was cheaper for me to buy the lower assembly for the kombi unit with the shaft gear head and guard then it was to buy just the gear head for the edger:confused:

    But not sure is this is true for the saw or cultivator attachments
  3. jglawnmowing

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    i just wanted to see if it was possible to just swap the heads instead of shafts and all that. I wanted to go to my dealer informed, instead of asking them and then telling me its not possible and directing me to buying the whole shaft and attachment if it is more expensive
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  5. GravelyNut

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    We end up with a lot of extra shafts just for that reason. Cheaper to buy the whole Kombi attachment. This also works out well for those people who want shorter or longer shafts on the Kombi unit parts. If it came with a short shaft, we can install a long one. If it came with a long one, we can install a shorter one.
  6. Even Cut Lawn Care

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    Yes it is possible. I bought an kombi edger last attachment year even though I didnt have the kombi pwer unit. Just loosen the 2-3 hex head bolts and it slips right off tha kombi shaft and onto your weedeater. Just make sure u have a power unit bigger than an fs55. The fs55 has a cheaper lightweight gearbox and will not withstand the abuse of daily commercial use. Oh by the way there is usually only about 10 dollars differane in the kombi attachment and just the head.

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