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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Keith, Mar 10, 2011.

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    Can the seed from hybrid St. Augustine and Zoysia varietes actually germinate when it is cut and deposited back into the grass? I know Floratam will produce a good amount of seed stalks a couple times a year. And others even more. If some of this seed does germinate, I would assume that new grass plant that is produced would be one of the parents of the hybrid. If this were to theoretically happen, would the new non-hybrid ever actually provide competition for the hybrid, or is the hybrid way too aggressive to ever lose ground to the parent?

    This just dawned on me when a customer was talking about his Empire Zoysia the other day. He said the company doing the pest control put down a pre-emergent and that he was concerned that his zoysia seed that his Empire produced might not germinate. I had never given much thought to it, since there was no reason to need the seed it produced to ever germinate. But then I thought about it, and if it did germinate, it would be a variety that you did not want anyway.
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    Going back to real basic Science and Mendel's Laws, Hybrid seed should reproduce, but Not all nature is that simple. Just like Mules can not reproduce many of the Hybrid Grasses can't reproduce by Seed. Seed that is Fertilized by pollen and germinates is call sexual reproduction. Sprigging or a form of Cloning is Asexual Reproduction or Reproduction without sex, Sex being the transfer of pollen to a ovary. Many of Hybrid Grass of course are grown as sod and then moved to a landscape when mature. Plugging and Sprigging are ways of also establishing hybrid turfs with a Grown in time period.
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    St. Augustine seed isn't viable. It must be propagated asexually for our purposes. Ric (above post) does not speak with forked tongue.

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