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Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by DLAWNS, Nov 25, 2010.

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    I have trouble it seems with the new Gator G6 blades, it seems as though they have two different angles to them. Its almost like it has a 30 degrees at the ends and 35 as you get closer to the center hole ?
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    What model of sharpener of ours are you using?
    What kind of mower are these blades on?

    Grasshopper and John Deere have a blade that can be difficult but we have special worktable to resolve the issue.
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    Hello Grassman,

    Visit this link to our site:

    Then click on lawn mower blade tip geometry. This will show some diagrams of the TIP that i was talking about earlier, feel free to ask more questions after looking at the info.

    There is nothing that you can do to reduce the radius that is produced by using the lawn mower blade - this is simply the natural wear pattern and where the blade wears (or loses material). This wear is the reason for sharpening. It is only the misconception of making a blade like a sword with the edge like a razor, that provides confusion about blade service.

    The first 1-2 inches of the blade (from the tip inward) does 95% or better of the cutting, and when looking at a worn blade this is where the steel is actually WORN AWAY - if you look at the rest of the blade it will be "polished" or perhaps have some damage from rocks or other objects - but actual wear from cutting grass occurs at the TIP.

    When the TIP becomes a radius (curved) your blade is shorter in overall length, this can be the reason for "stringers" or blades of grass left uncut in rows between the blades of a multi-blade deck.

    To bring back the TIP (which is not perfectly square, but is approx 87-89 degrees) you need to grind the face of the cutting edge back until the TIP is pointed or square looking again. When you look at RELIEF ANGLE ONE in the geometry diagram you'll see that the tip is not square but a few degrees less so that the TIP sticks out the furthest. Mower blades length specs are as a TIP TO TIP diagonal measurement (like a television).

    Thank you,
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    your explanation was good, i will check the site too though thanks.

    will be using your 8000 model very soon to sharpen all of the blades ready for spring.

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