Question before buying a 1993 W250....

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Andyinchville2, Oct 10, 2004.

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    Looked and drove a 1993 Dodge w250 tonight. Truck was nice and pulled strong until about 55 then it had a flat spot in the acceleration and then pulled hard again until 70....Is this normal? What could have caused this?....Owner put a banks turbo on it....recent injectors and pump work by previous owner.....Truck looks very clean and nice.....

    Also, I noticed when we first started driving the truck that the temp gauge would swing from mid cool to mid warm....I mentioned this to the owner and said that it was normal until the engine warmed up.....said it was the thermostat opening and closing,....I never noticed this on a gas this OK for a diesel?....Any advice or help would be appreciated....BTW he is asing 6K for it....168K miles, hitches, brake controller, ac, nice truck and started right up (I did check and it appeared to be a cold start),

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    Price doesnt sound too bad but I know the older ford and chevy diesels aren't too saught after, not sure about the older dodges though. The swinging of the temp gauge sounds funny, never experienced that before. Is it an electrical or fluid filled gauge? If electric they aren't always very acurate so it could just be that its an older gauge messing up.
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    When they added the turbo was the fuel injection set up re mapped to give it more gas where needed? Not a good idea giving boost without the fuel being dead on. I would be careful with this one.
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    I'm guessing the fuel system was remapped since he said it had injector and pump work done. Lot of times you don't need to upgrade injectors until your pumping big amounts of boost in.

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