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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Mikegyver, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Mikegyver

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    My question is simple: How do you keep your test forms dry and clean? Between some drips/sweat from my hands and dirt (on outdoor tests) I can't keep them clean enough to submit. Lately I've been just filling in the test info/address on the sheet I use in the field and then copy to a clean form at office. This gets to be a pain. Thoughts?
  2. mitchgo

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    Sounds like what you are doing is probably the best way to do it for you for now. Just a quick spreadsheet while on the job then fill the form out later.

    We have a computer system so when I test I write down my data.. Later entering it into the computer .. Then we email it off to the water districts in PDF form
  3. Irrigation Contractor

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    Adobe Acrobat can create a pdf. form from just about anything. The only issue will be those crappy 2-3 part carbon forms which most are doing away with.

    We do the same thing Mitchgo does for the most part.
  4. TX Easymoney

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    For irrigation inspections we use voice recorders...can also use a waterproof camera which has a video feature..try a Samsung hmx-w300..waterproof video camera or camcorder
  5. 1idejim

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    I am using my gopro for underwater inspection and repair jobs. Works well when dye testing and bonefites of work performed or needed.
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  6. ArTurf

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    I'm not a heavy sweater on my hands or anywhere for that matter so I really don't have this problem. And if I'm just testing my hands aren't really dirty. But here is an idea, my son informed me there is something scuba divers use similiar to a dry erase board so you might check into that.
  7. zman9119

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    Write in the Rain Notebooks


    Digital Downloadable Test Kit
  8. Mikegyver

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    Wow, Y'all's water districts let you email stuff in and have had carbon copy's in the past? We MIGHT get a edited page with their PWS number and city name/address. Most we have to submit our own sheet if we even have to submit anything. We do have one city that has a decent sheet, but their program isn't that far along. Then there's the wanna be cities that don't want to see a sheet, Just want to see it before you "bury" it. A look inside the box is not enough....:hammerhead::dizzy:

    Voice recorder in this case might work, but writing it on something would be best.

    @Zman and ArTurf- I need to look into those. Especially the notebooks. Would be great for recording materials used in repairs instead of getting the notebooks soaking wet.

  9. zman9119

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    Also, almost all of our cities \ towns \ villages in our area us the Aqua Backflow or BSI system for reporting to them versus paper forms. So we are paperless.
  10. mitchgo

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