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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SUPRASPORT, Apr 4, 2005.


    SUPRASPORT LawnSite Member
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    I bought a '04 ZT219 and my manual says to change the hydro oil & filter at 5 hours. Is this correct. It does seem alittle soon since the next change should be at 500 hours.---Thanks Todd
  2. Turfdude

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    I guess its kinda like a new vehicle. Your break-in period is the first 500 miles. No excessive spped, get on a country road and dddrive at 35, the 40, then 45, then 50, & back down again, etc. After the first 500 miles, change your oil & filter. Any contaminates and/or extra metal pieces, etc that can come free usually do & you change the oil & filter. I guess this is the manufactirer's idea for break-in period.

    SUPRASPORT LawnSite Member
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    Where's all the Bob Cat owners?
  4. llama

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    changing their oil
  5. grassmanvt

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    I have buntons, they are the same as bobcat. They have the same recommendations, as turfdude says it is to get out any contaminants that might have gotten into the system when the unit is manufactured. It is a good idea to do it but I admit I have been to busy to do it on a few units, they are still going great. The major item is to follow the recommended changes from there on. I'm no mechanic so don't take my word for it.
  6. Mowerboy04

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    yes this is correct. you are suppose to change the oil at 5 hours because if there is any meatal shaveings in the motor when u change the oil they will be taken out. hope this helps.
    don't mind the bad spelling
  7. mkwl

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  8. Mack77

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    Should you change the hydraulic oil at 5 hours along with the engine oil?

  9. Eddie B

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    yup yup
  10. BobcatZT

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    When you pull the drain plug on the hydro tank, you will see all the metal shavings stuck on the magnetic plug. We did the 5 hour thing after replacing one of the hydro pumps and was amazed at the amount of metal shavings it collected.

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