Question for Bobcat Brand Skidsteer Owner/Operators

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by thepawnshop, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. Leo43

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    hello doug sorry youre experance was,nt a good one , to answer youre question the s205 as the also the one you tested has a smooth turn at least for me, if youre looking to buy one let me say this i tested alot of differant brand for united rentals , they where changeing brands due to a fall out from corperate there and bobcat , i operated the john deer , good machine as all the other one,s , BUT, as a expert operator the choice came to me as #1 bob cat or the case uniloader for 2 reasons , bobcat because any unted rentals has parts for them , all rental companies have attachments for this machine and most machanices are at least fimiliar with this machine, thats why i went with bobcat, breifly , i did,nt like the lifting arms of the john deer and parts avalability and the visabiltiy factor, it reminds me of a new holland , the uniloader is a excellent choice , good visabilty good power compact to work on the motor i think its better then a bobcat , but parts a spendy and parts avalibility where you have to go if the thing breaks down all factors involvled bobcat s205 has them all beat i my opinion I dig and demo swiming pools and this is very hard on a machine so I hope this helps you thanks Leo
  2. ksss

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    Sounds like an interesting experience. So United Rentals asked you to demo different machines they were considering purchasing? Did they have a group of guys doing this or was it one operator at a time?
  3. sunray

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    I have a T-190 in Augusta Ga and find it handles everything that comes my way.
    Wide tracks and enclosed cab, money well spent in Georgia. Atlanta from Cape Cod will be quite a change southern yankee.
  4. Mike33

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    I think that is something you over come as experience operater. Also little factors concrete, blacktop how much tread on tires and rpm's. I have a 185 descent machine but for grading i liked my old 763. The 175 has about 4" less loading height makes a difference in loading trucks, we can load most steel body beds on tri-axles. The new 205 i think is over priced my dealer told me i could not run my tracks on it. I look at little things like that when looking at new machine due to tracks are over 2k. Im guying to buy new machine in spring and keep my 185 as a second machine and probably still go with a 185.
  5. Sunscaper

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    I almost bought a Deere 320 due to my disappointment in the S175, S185 but I then tried an s205 and decided that for its size compared to the Deere, Gehl, and Cat it was the best choice for me. I have 600 hrs on my S205 now, the machine is wonderful, A/C blows cold everyday, NO mechanical failures at all. I highly recommend taking a look at the S205 with ISO controls before making a decision.

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