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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JohnnyCuts, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. JohnnyCuts

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    -For 1/6 to 1/3 acre lots (mostly 1/4 acre)only
    -on a tight route
    -with a 2 person crew

    would you rather have 2 single hydro Quicks, or 1 Dually?

    My wife and I were able to average 3.2 yards an hour after the record breaking (floods) rainfalls of spring stopped last season with one Q36 Superduty and one trimmer.

    We are hoping to improve on that number and were thinking of adding another Q36 and another trimmer (already had it last year for a backup).

    Basically last year we were limited on how fast we could get finished by how fast we could mow. The trimmer would be done and waiting while the mower was finishing on alot of yards, and I know adding either a faster mower or a second mower would improve our times.

    Now I know the correct answer in 2 Duallys right? However I dont want to bust that nut right now, and it's close to the same cash outlay for me to sell the SuperDuty and buy a Dually or buy a used single hydro.

    Let me know what you guys think. I already know you're smart fellows if you're running the Quicks...
  2. lifetree

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  3. lsu03

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    I'd say dually b/c on those small of lots it would probably be more efficient to have one mowing and one person trimming/edging/blowing
  4. WHIPPLE5.7

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    I never had any single hydro use but with the dually I can tell you that it not only meet my expectations but it far exceeded them. Mowing here is about to start any day now but as far as spring cleanups go my dually is stupid fast compared to my 21"s and its even faster than the 42" Hustler ZTR I sold last summer. I run a sulky and unless I'm in tight areas I run at top speed. For example many of my spring cleanup places are typically 1/2 acre with lots of trees. The homeowners all mow with cheap tractors and no catchers. As a solo I will show up at say 8:00, blow all the leaves out of the beds, bushes, and tight areas first, run the 22" power rake over the place, then fire up the dually with my accelerator and homemade extender(about 10 cu.ft. total)and by when I'm finished the yard looks 30% greener and is striped like a Walker has been there. By 10:30 I'm collecting a $175-$200 and customers all tell me that I accomplished more in that time frame than them, there, sons, duaghters, brothers, and sisters could accomplish in 2 days. I just tell them with the right equipment and enough practice I really get the amount of time down. When someone calls me and ask me to work by the hour I simply tell them I'd go get an 8-5 if I was going to work by the hour. Hand rakes and trash bags isn't exactly the same as using real commercial equipment so why would I let them pay me by the hour.
  5. lifetree

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    That's a high average with a single hydro ... not quite sure how you managed that !!
  6. lifetree

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    WOW ... at that rate you're average is about $ 75 an hour ... congratulations !!
  7. WHIPPLE5.7

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    Its only that nice during cleanups though. I have a ton of customers every year for spring stuff but I can't get them to hire out for mowing. Most figure if they can turn the key on the John Deere tractor they already own why pay me to mow. Thats why I got into hydroseeding this year because mowing accounts always seems to fall thru. People only need me for the things they either can't or won't do and mowing doesn't seem to be in that catigory. I have 8 accounts as of right now and expect to pick up only 5 or so more. I go six full days a week for the spring stuff thoughpayup.

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