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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by RazorRog, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. RazorRog

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    from Texas
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    For those of you who teach during the year but cut lawns/do light landscape for extra cash during your off time--How do you work out the jobs or keep your weekly schedule when school starts back in the fall? How exactly do you start your spring weekly cuts while school is still in session besides working on the weekends?
  2. CGC

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    We get out @ 3:10, so I'm cutting lawns from 3:45 'til dark. My customers don't want me in their yard during the weekends...
  3. illegalandnotinsured

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    Do you pay for the contractors pesticide license? Do you have an applicator's license?
  4. Skeelow

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    I will only do anywhere from 5 - 10 accounts max. This year I am probably looking at 6. I'm off work at 3:30. I will do 2 accounts Wednesday, 2 accounts Thursday, 2 accounts Friday with late Friday and Saturday and if needed Sunday being my fall back days if rain or something else gets in the way. Summers are easy with all the time we have off. I have a good relationship with my customers I will mow for and they know the schedule I'm working with during May,Sept, Oct before they commit to me.

    My advice is to take on only what you can handle. Pick customers that will understand your schedule. Get headlights for your mower sicne you may be working late nights. I got them installed on my Quick 36 when I ordered it because I knew some days I will be working late. Hope this helps. :)
  5. timmac

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    i have 23 accounts and i also coach high school football. when school starts in the fall i mow after practice everyday until dark and finish up on saturdays. i love the extra money it brings in.
  6. horticulturedawg

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    Just curious, do you part timers have the proper insurance, business license, pesticide license? I would think if you are a school teacher, you probably already bring home more than some small LCO's. Remember, if you spray roundup as you do maintenance, that requires you to have a pesticide applicators license as well as a contractors pesticide license.
    So are you licensed or do you just pocket all the money? Also, do you pay taxes, pay your helpers cash?
  7. WJW Lawn

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    Man! I sense a bit of hostility in your post. Did you have a bad high school teacher experience or something? lol
  8. horticulturedawg

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    No, not really, just curious. Just lost some customers last year to some "teachers" I was charging $65 per cut and thought I was getting ripped off. They are doing it for $25. I would say no insurance and no taxes.
  9. LonniesLawns

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    from KS
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    I am a school teacher. I do not mow however. I focus on doing applications and landscape installs.

    I am fully insured and certified.

    When I worked my business plan -- I decided that mowing would be too hard to fit into a schedule -- instead I sub-contract mowing for all of my full service clients. I maintain about 45 regular customers -- Plus do lot sof high quality landscape installs during the summer. Billed baout 300 hours of landscape installs last year.
  10. ribbie78

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    I'm trying to cut about 18 per week after school, and in the summer I'll do them all on wed/thurs by moving Mon and Tues folks to Wedn.; and Thurs. and Fri all on Thurs. Hope it's taken w/out too much strife with everyone. I've mowed all of these under a previous LCO I worked with but this will be my first year on my own.

    If I can't handle this all on my own may have to call in the Fam members for raking and leaf blowing in the spring and fall. Family members don't require any workman's comp. do they?

    ...and yes insured and taxed. Not applying/spraying anything (does peeing in the bushes count? :cry: :laugh: :cry: )

    Good Luck! :drinkup:

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