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Question for the Pro's


LawnSite Senior Member
Obviously we are all pro's in our own minds.
The situation is this: I have a client with a very large paver Driveway Walkway and Patio. 2/3 of the Driveway and Patio are covered in moss. It seems to really bother him. What are some methods that you would recommend to eliminate the moss in the cracks and on the stone surfaces?


DVS Hardscaper

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County Jail
In my opinion, its a never ending battle.

He needs sunlight.

I think moss looks pretty on pavers. gives it a gardenie look.

Poly sand? Moss will still grow.

Sealants? Still will have moss.

I do not even think there is a herbicide that will rid it. and the reason i say so is because a fert and squirt guy was asking me how to get rid of moss on his patio.

If your client has trees shading the pavers, then...........TIMBERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!


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Thanks DVS,

That is the whole problem, there is way too much shade and way too much water as this guy is fanatical about watering. The lawn and driveway for that matter are always wet when we arrive to service his property.

I was kind of hoping that there would be an easy solution to his problem, but I kind of figured that there was not going to be.

He claims that he has used a mild solution of Bleach/ Water in the cracks and that has alleviated some of the problem but is very temporary, and I advised him that it was not a great idea since the paver's where never sealed.

Thanks for the advice. I also was wondering about herbicides as I do know that they make a moss control granule for lawns but if the conditions are right
Damp/ Shady the problem just comes back very quickly.

Thanks Again,



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Visalia, CA
There are herbicides specifically for moss and algae control. However, as good as any chemical may be the mechanical/environmental aspects need to be addressed by this homeowner. If he continually waters down his pavers then he has to expect the results.


LawnSite Silver Member
Here is your chance. A major upsell. Probably 2-300 times profit.
The hard work is getting the pavers clean to begin with. I use a hard bristle broom and a hoe to get major moss off. Then You need to find ferrous sulfate min of 40 percent. Needs to be applied at least once a month.
Problems with this is that the turf grass along the drive will really grow.
This will not completly eleviate the problem but will make it 99 percent better.
ferous sulfate costs right at 3-6 dollars a pound and goes quite a ways.


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New Jersey
Lime kills moss in turf. I tried this on a driveway once in the Summer. I think it worked but it took a while. Sweep off the bulk and apply lime with a spreader. Water it in.