question for the seasoned lawm treatment applicators


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dirty jersey
for those of you who been applicating fertilizer longer then most of us on this forum been around ,what are some tricks of the trade pertaining to applicating in the rain, setting up your pick-up when rain is in the forcast,ect.....?


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South West PA
While I am not an old geyser yet, I have some thoughts on this. I am like you, mostly dry, and liquid low volume for weeds. If I am sure that it will rain within a few hours, I will do the dry material, and then make a return trip to do the weed control. It is not an ideal situation, but it is better than putting it all off till the forecast is clear.

If there is only a chance of rain, I will look at the weather maps and make a choice, treat the weeds or not. If I treat and we get the rain, I will check back on them in a couple of weeks, and re-treat at no cost if necessary. IT is a gamble, but I don't want to sit at home waiting for the rain.

Currently, I have enough mowing. mulching, trimming... work to do when the forecast calls for rain, I will adjust the schedule accordingly. As I drop the mowing, and replace it with treatments, I will not have as much freedom in the scheduling.

In the right season, Aerating helps fill in the rainy times.


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If rain is forecasted, I'll increase my spreader sticker in the tank mix.

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