Question for those that use laser printers!!

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Dunn's, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Dunn's

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    Hey everyone just wondering for those of you who use laser printers.

    What brand and or model printers do you like, Also how much does it cost you to print each copy of say a single color(Green) doorhanger on tan lets say 67lb card stock uncoated.
    Or how much per flyer if you have never added it up to see thats fine. Maybe if you know how many copies you get with each thing of toner.

    Also where do you get your paper supplies for the best quality and price.

    If you want to PM us with the information that is fine.

    Thanks For Your Time!!
  2. DiyDave

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    but someone else asked that question, recently. I think the answer was about $.25 per page. My answer is why do you want to use a little $200.00 printer to compete with a guy(your local printer) who has a $10,000.00 + printer that does a better job, cheaper? Also if you are looking for good printing, cheap, try NEBS. Use that little printer to make the proof copy that you send to the printer, and you'll save money on that damn $2,000.00/oz printer ink!:laugh:
  3. Dunn's

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    Well I wasn't thinking of using a $200.00 printer. The ink one we have now costs more then that.

    We are wanting one because with the printers we print 20000 or more doorhangers/Flyers a year and if we had the printer we could do even more which definetly adds up.

    We make our own signs as well costs us about $3.00 to make each. The sign place wants $30.00 dollars each if we order 20 at a time. So tell me whats cheaper. We paid for the sign machine already and it hasn't even been a year. Barely even half a year.

    I was think more along the lines of the $1,000 dollar printers or more.

    Thank You for the reply we are just thinking bigger then most on here use.
  4. Dunn's

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    We used Nebs in our first year. products where ok but very plain. They want 1,775.50 for the order size we want and the are very plain. no choice in font black writing, nice thing is the little tear offat the bottom. But I am pretty sure we could be there price and quality with a laser printer.

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