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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Jason Rose, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Jason Rose

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    This is my first time ordering posting/advertising signs, and I picked RND. I tried just ordering via their website but glitches in it prevented that. I had to call them instead. The gal I dealt with was super nice and all, up until the order was done and they had my credit card info. I was told I would receive a PROOF to see and make changes if needed, and all I received is a order acknowledgment. I'm tired of calling them to ask questions, but maybe I should. I really don't want to just have them arrive at my door and then find out my logo doesn't work with the background I picked, or they just aren't right at all...

    I've read on here that a lot of folks use them. What were the steps you went through when ordering? Problems? I know they aren't the cheapest option, but I really wanted full color printing (Just because I'm picky) and most others don't offer that. I'm getting 6x6 posting signs (1,000) and 12x12 advertising signs(100). Oh, Kansas doesn't *require* posting signs for apps, but more and more guys in my area are using them every year. I feel like I need my name on my work too!
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  3. jc1

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    um it sounds like you just started the process to me.
    It sounds like they will send a proof for your approval.
  4. Jason Rose

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    Thanks. Yeah I looked at, as well as about every supplier I could find via google. I just ended up with RND because I've heard the most about them, plus they send me a lot of flyers, lol. Guess it works.
  5. dlixie

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    CHARLES CUE LawnSite Silver Member
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    I used RD sings and had some of the same problems you did I did get a preview buy email but they came a different color. so we called them and they fixed the problem and the guy I talked to made some suggestions on how they would look better and I agreed to the changes. And when they came they were like the first ones only a little darker ink. But the ones they sent me are just thin card board they fall over in just one dew.Maybe these are what I singed up for I don't know now I know better. I would make sure they are good sings that will stand up to the weater

    Good luck
    Charles Cue
  7. sway

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    We went through RND our first year and the signs are awful. They wilt in the rain and are designed terribly. They need a new graphic designer and to use higher quality products
  8. johnsonslawnmanagement

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    Use Plan-it graphics next time. I have had good and bad service both out of RND and have parted ways due to poor quality product. If you have to stay with RND, be sure the proof is EXACTLY what you want becaue it will be EXACTLY what the proof is.
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  9. eastern Iowa lawn Care

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    I had used them for years but the last 3 batches did not hold up well,they would break off within 1 day at the point were the card attached to the stake.they always told me that the ones they put out for a test stood up quite well.they may need to actually set their test flags outside.The product never got better so I switched manufacturers.
    That being said they were great to work with and their graphics were top may want to upgrade to a thicker stock of paper if available.
    I have since started using flags from Blackburn,they are double the thickness
    and have held up well.
  10. Jason Rose

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    Well this is all very discouraging! I went through a number of past threads from the last couple years and RND was the one name that stood out as the most used and praised... Now I hear the opposite. Sure, there was a couple with negative comments about the card stock quality, but then the next comment was "mine all hold up for weeks in the weather". I guess at this point I'm kinda stuck. Hopefully I have better luck than some of you have had at least! I will defiantly double check what kind of material is being used, and scrutinize the layout and colors. Granted, they don't have to be "perfect" but I'd like them to be as close as possible.

    Thanks for all the feedback though.

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