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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grassmasterswilson, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. grassmasterswilson

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    I am calibrating my z-spray. I currently has the lavender/purple nozzles. I'm running about 3.25-3.5 mph(pre garmin speedometer). I figured 1 gallon = 1268 sqft - 18 gallon tank = about 0.5 acres. Does this sound right? I'm trying to get everything set for pre emergent next week.

    Do I need another set of nozzles for pre emergent? Seems like you need higher quantitiy of solution.

  2. turfsolutions

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    Not sure how other guys calibrate. There are a few different ways. I put 1 gallon of water in my tank, set pressure to desired amount, then drive my normal applicating speed with all valves open and measure how many feet I travel before the one gallon is used up. I measure my width of spray x the length in feet I traveled and you get your square footage per gallon. Hope this helps.
  3. grassman177

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    why dont you use granular, much easier and less overlap mistakes. just curious.
  4. TLS

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    My thoughts exactly.

    Add a cool temp mix in the tank and spot the early spring weeds while your at it.
  5. turfsolutions

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    For Prem I would go with granular as well. You will save a lot of time and some experts believe that the granular works better. I remember reading an article from Rutgers NJ where they did a study saying that granular is more effective. However, if you were doing a blanket application on a lawn and you wanted to mix some pre m in to save a step, that would obviously save you time. Read the label as far as how many gallons of mixture you need to apply per k. I spray fungicides out of mine with the grey nozzles and get about 1.25 gallons per k. A lot of refilling time though.
  6. The Ranger

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    Some Pre's need to be suspended with agitation which the Zspray doesn't have enough of. They also need larger volumns of water to carry the product. You should look @ dry. We use liquid deminsion along the edges and it gathers at the bottom of the tank. Not sure of the tip size, but it has to be shaken up before application.
  7. Blink74

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    I was thinking of spraying merit and demension this year as well. I spoke to my JDL rep about it and we decided to stick with granular. The biggest concern is that both products need to be watered into the soil. If you spray them they are sitting up on the foliage and and subject to sunlight where they may degrade. With the granular they are closer to the soil and protected by the canopy until being watered in. The other issue is with low-volume spay the coverage may no be as good. I'm sure it would be OK to spray either just not as fool proof as granular.
  8. turfsolutions

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    Regarding agitation and the z spray. If you mix the product in with a nurse tank with the z spray running and the pump running with the valves closed you will have plenty of agitation. With a 18 gallon tank I fill it with 15 gallons of mixture and leave some space for some manual agitation to make sure it is fully mixed. What I mean by manual agitation is when I am all done filling it up I put the cap on and drive the machine and turn it left and right a few times to mix it all up real good with the pump still running. If the mixture has been left for awhile in the machine, just turn on the pump with the valves closed and shake the machine back and forth to remix. Not sure why you would have a problem with agitation?

    Regarding not enough water carrier to get it down into the soil. Again, using the grey nozzles I apply about 1.2 gallons of product per k. It's not high volume, but not exactly low volume either. The water will get down into the soil. You could mix in half the concentrate and go over the lawn twice, but thats a time waster in my opinion. I wouldn't be applying pre m or merit if they were not calling for rain in the next day or so. But I have been applying fungicides with good results with my z spray.

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