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Operated my own lawn car biz when I was a kid many many moons ago. I think I'll have a decent handle on factoring pricing and such. My main concern is billing once a month.

Any stats out there regarding the percentage of A/R after one week of sending out the bills; two weeks, three weeks and so forth?

Granted, there are a lot of variables involved, just wanted some input.

Secondly, and if I can offer any "advice" from someone who isn't even started out yet...

If your just starting out and get a small job that is not really worth your drive time, IMO, I would take it in a heartbeat and work my ass off to find 3 or 4 in the same area.

From a customer's standpoint, If I was looking for someone to mow my lawn, I would want some sort of references and a neighbors refs can be the best.

During college, I worked for a friend's lawn co and suggested we hit a neighborhood that we had 4 lawns in hard with flyers. We went door to door with flyers one rainy day in May and got 5 more accounts in that neighborhood. The end of the season I recommended he hit the neighborhood hard the following March and I think he ended up with about 40 yards out of that area the next year not to mention the numerous vacation jobs he got out of it.

Just ran across this site. It has a lot of very useful info.

Good luck to everybody.


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