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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by j9sheldon, Jun 1, 2004.

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    background: taking irrigation class in July and license test ( Texas law) in August. I plan to start doing some business after that ( I work full time and will eventually do landscaping full time in a year). Here is my question. From a marketing standpoint I would like to be able to show a customer why spending $1000 - $2000 (just #s)on a irrigation system is beneficial. Where can I find info on how much water $s they would save with a system. How long would it take to recover the price of a system on there electric bills (savings each month). I am looking for some data to show customers to finacial benefits of a system ( other than personal time watering, we all know that is savings)

    thanks in advance
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    Residentially or comercially irrigation isn't about saving $'s on water. It is about maintaining a landscape investment. Saving water $'s is only a consideration when evaluating a good design or a lousy design and even then it still goes back to getting the job of irrigation done properly. There return on investment here is having a beautiful landscape and turf all the time without the labor required to water by hand and with consistency that will minimize or eliminate lots of additional turf or plant replacements.
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    You can explain to the customer that the system will only replace the amount of water needed based on statistical rainfall charts and just save them money from not up online about -ET scheduling(will be covered In class) and PET (again in class) hope this helps.
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    I checked these sites, some excellent stuff here....

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