Question-lava rock on hill?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by deere615, Mar 29, 2010.

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    Guys I got a quick question. This little area I need to do lava rock around the edges where the orange paint is. I am going to dig it up and install lava rock. Normally when I do any type of stone I use landscape fabric. Will the stone still hold to this hill ok or should I not use the fabric.
    I am up for other suggestions, although I am using lava rock not mulch or anything.

  2. Runner

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    Ok...let's start from the beginning. First of all, WHY would you want to put lava rock in there? Yeah,...I see the general purpose of something needed...It is getting washed out, so it needs erosion control, and it is a buffer gets some traffic over it. However, first of all, lava rock is so light weight, it is going to get knocked out and thrown out so easy, you won't have anything left. The lower corner will be getting ran over, and you will essentially have a bed of dust there. It SURE won't go with any aesthetics just clashes, will look out of place, and will look like trash in 1 to 2 years. Lastly,...what the heck, this the seventies? If you are going to put lava rock in there, you might as well put some railroad ties along the is all the same era. Is this the customers idea? A smooth 1 to 2 inch stone would be a MUCH better idea, as it would not only look better, but would stay in place, and more important, hold up. Just sayin'.
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    How about 3 to4 foot retaining wall and level it out some. Looks good in my mind.
  4. Think Green

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    To answer your question with regret, yes the lava rock will float and move quickly in the event of heavy rains. Traffic will make it move also but not as readily as water. Lava rock will float on top of the water if you place a piece in a cup.
    It is funny that even if that drive is 30 feet wide, cars will still veer off into the buffer zone. I wouldn't place any type of retainer blocks or permanent barrier as it may cause eminent damage to vehicles even though it will deter it. Runner's idea of possible thicker stones will look better and provide proper appeal. Any type of larger aggregate will help much more than the lighter rock will. The lava rock is much more expensive than least it is here. The practical idea is the ease of the bags in transit versus bulk rock....then there is the cleanup. Since I am in Arkansas, the Ozark Mountain range offers us natural limestone in all shapes and sizes. We use these natural rocks in all types of scapes and designs. What do you have locally that is natural can be used instead.

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