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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ICE, Jul 1, 2004.

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    I had a good, got laid off, and when I really needed a job, this guy, JOE, helped me out. After only a few months I was captain of his crew. Towards the end of the year, I recieved a job offer I could not refuse, I took it. Joe begged me to stay and offered more money, but without the benefits, I had to say no. I let him barrow a very nice and thick tarp and a couple of truck tie downs. I told him he could use them until I needed them back. Anyway, about a year and half went by and I needed them back so I had something to cover up my new mower. I called him up, and he told me that he had gotten rid of it and the tie downs. He apologized, and said that they had gotten really ratty and were discarded. I said,ok, and left it at that. I ran into a good friend that runs a chain of stores that I used to mow for under his command. Boasting my new card,I strutted into his office, and jokingly proclaimed "who cuts your grass?"his reply was"you do!".He proceeded to tell me of these progressing problems that he has been having with Joe and says that HE IS currently looking for a different service. He said that he would be happy to bring me on board. I told him that I could not take these accounts from him for the simple fact that he gave me a job when I really needed one. My friend said, "well, it is here if you want it".Quite literally minutes later I ran into Joe's landscaping right down the road from the guy I was just talking to. I did not see him, but his truck and one of his workers ~WHO BTW WAS IN THE PROCESS OF FOLDING UP MY TARP AND PLACING IT IN THE BACK OF HIS TRUCK!I asked where Joe was, he said he is out front. I managed to find him, and started the usual small talk and then stated, "Hey, remember that tarp I called about almost a week ago?" he says"Ya, the one I chucked out."I said "Ya I just saw your worker back behind your truck folding it up and putting it in the back of your truck" he says, "No I just picked that one up less than an hour ago it is new."(I WAS STANDING OVER TOP OF IT EXAMINING IT AND IT WAS MINE, RIPS, TEARS AND ALL) I dropped it there. So now the question~Do I take those accounts or do I just walk away from the situation?
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    Sounds like he is not being honest with you, even though it is just a tarp. Doesn't sound like he is providing good service either. I'd let him know that his customer is not happy with his service, and tell him you are going to bid on the property, as the customer came to you. I don't see a problem since the customer approached you, and not vice versa. I'd give Joe the fiar warning though, to try and shape up, before he loses this customer, and leave it at that. Take the first check from the new customer, and buy yourself a real nice tarp!
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    Well, sounds like this Joe guy is going to lose his contract anyways so it might as well be to you. He might not be happy but then again neither are you because he lied to you. Tit for tat right? Petty, yes. But it would make me feel better if it was happening to me.
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    Enough said.....
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    Take the account! You don't have to advertise this to "Joe". Let him find out for himself. I'm sure the owner will let him know he is being fired for poor work not that somebody better came along.
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    Oh, and by the way, a little more about the tarp, I called a place to have the same one ordered, and they said that it would be $100 bucks, not to mention the rachet straps were about $20 bucks a piece! So, it is not like it was just a walmart tarp and straps, this was a professional setup. Just thought I would make that clear. Thanks for all the replies! I have been thinking about not taking them, but everyone, and I mean everyone says I would be crazy to. So I called my friend today, and told him I would. He said that he would get all the numbers for me put together and make sure that it would be worth my while, as it is quite a distance for me to drive (about 15-35 miles one way. 15miles to the closest, and 35 to the furthest one). Thanks for all your support!

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