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Question of the Week


LawnSite Gold Member
Those of us that have been here for a while have covered just about every topic there is to discuss. Those that haven't can take advantage of a mountain of information made available to you by the old folks.

Here is a question that everyone can take part in regardless of how long you've been here or how long you've been in business, and I ask that every member respond-even if it's a "I don't know" answer. It's a serious question so please put some thought into your answer.

1. Where do you want to be in 5 years?


2. How do you intend to get there?

Assuming the earth is still here 5 years from now and we still have this great place to exchange ideas, thoughts, and in general------just B.S. alot, I think it would be interesting to see how we all do down the road. I also think it would give us a little insight about each other as far as your goals for the future. One might struggle to realize his/her goals and the other might explode within the next year. We need to know how your doing it or maybe help those that need help. I think we should utilize this forum for all it's worth and I hope everyone agrees.

Looking forward to reading all the responses.

Thanks :D


Former Moderator

This is a good question.

In five years we will have obtained a customer list that is far exceeding anyone elses in the area. I don't mean the amount of customers, but we will have ALL customers that care about their lawns and want full service lawn treatments. There will be no "mow, blow, and go" accounts.

We will have numerous pieces of equipment, and we will have BACK-UPS, something we lack at the present time. We also will be running two crews.

We will be supporting ourselves with an 8 month income and have the extra spending money to enjoy our hobbies the other 4 months of the year. There will be numerous vacations as we both like to travel.

We will also have our house paid off.

How will we achieve this? Simple. Thru determination and dedication. We already have our priorities straight. We are in this for the long haul. We have made some errors in the past, mainly equipment purchases, but we have learned, and we are beginning to overcome.

This next year is going to be good to us. I can already tell. Five years from now will only be better.



LawnSite Senior Member
northeast ,ohio
will be even more efficient than we are now via better trained employees better equip and will have a name built formyself so that advertising is needless and a fair price is expected and paid as prompt as my service

similar revenue in grounds care larger revenue from snow type services


LawnSite Gold Member
I gather from the reply that you are a husband/wife team.
You sound positive about the future and if the commitment is there, and it sounds like it is, I think you'll be right on target.

Any more?


LawnSite Member
st.louis, mo
five years from now, Im going to be a two comma man. Thats a comma behind the first three zero's and the second. Seems far fetched but through common sense investing and many sunny days, anything is possible. I hope to have a great client base of regular customers and branch out into the landscape end of the business. Would like to install landscapes for new developments, homes etc... Dreams do become reality if you actually get out and do something about it. Good luck to all of you out there and continue the wonderful discussions.

Randy Scott

LawnSite Bronze Member
Good question HOMER, how about your plan too! Well, I'm just starting my business, this summer will be my first cuts. Five years from now I hope to type faster(LOL). O.K. now seriuosly, I hope to have made a name for myself( obviously a good one). I hope to have a thriving business that will make me, first and foremost, proud of myself, and proud of what I have achieved, and a name in the community that is well respected. I hope to provide a better service to my customers than any one else they have had, and a reason not to try anyone else for their lawncare needs. I certainly will try to provide the most professional image that I can and hope in the years I have been working for other people and businesses that I have learned a few things about what a customer needs and deserves. I obviously would like to be making a nice amount of money but that goes without saying. I think the size of my business will be determined by how the future plans go, probably not too big, but whatever that road has to offer I will find out in the near future. And I hope to be a Daddy, I gotta find time to fit that into the schedule also. As far as how I will get there, I think that's simply put, work hard at your goals and don't let failure play into the picture. If you want it bad enough, you can achieve it! I have always been a hard worker and now it's time to try and make myself a little money instead of someone else.


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Ontario, Canada
Within five years I hope we have doubled from 1 maintenance crew and one landscape crew to two. That should at least double our net without too much more in overhead. After fifteen years I think we have an idea of what we need to do to control costs and satisfy customers. Slow growth has been our goal and I'm getting too old to do the hard work myself. Time to do more supervision and work smarter.


LawnSite Silver Member
HOMER--as you request that all respond, I will.

Q: where do I hope to be in 5 years?

A: doing a little better than I am now, I hope. I have no plans to shoot for the moon but I do plan to be healthy and able to work. as of now I can put in as good of a day as anybody I know.

high profit with a little work beats marginal profit and running your butt off, IMHO. with a little planning, I hope to remain small but increase my profits through wise decision and investment.

Q: how will I get there:

A: the same way I got here. God's grace, love of family and of being proud of who I am. being able to expand my market will help. this will include a fert/pest applicators license some heavier equipment.



LawnSite Member
I hope to have the business to point that in 5 years, I won't be worried about growth, just sustaining what I have achieved. I don't want to be the Bill Gates of Landscape, I just want to retire at 50 (I'm 40 now) and move to a Norman Rockwell type of town with my family and enjoy life. I'm working my butt off now so I can enjoy the fruits of my labor later. With hard work, determination, good info from this site, I believe it is attainable. I started this business 21/2 years ago, and this year we might just break $200k. If I can continue this for 5 more years, its all down hill from there. Money isn't happiness, its what you do with it that is.