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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnkid, Sep 11, 2002.

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    Hey guys, how much would you charge to aerate a lawn 15,00 sq,. ft large with bumps in the back at a moderate rate. I would have to rent the aerator and then do it unless I can find a good used one in like a week. Advice needed!
  2. lawnkid

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    Sorry I meant 15,00 sq. ft. My mistake :D
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    I think you mean 15,000 sq. ft. I think 3 time mowing rate is a fair estimate for most times. Try and line up some more aerating jobs to get more bang for your rental. Good luck.
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    If you mean 1,500 sq ft (30'X50' or similar) then you might be in trouble!! I don't know what an aerator rents for in your area, but here in Tulsa they are about $65.00 for the minimum 2 hour time charge requirement (includes tax and the optional damage insurance). If I have to rent equipment, I always add at least a $20.00 labor charge for pick-up and return of equipment.

    For a hollow core aeration I charge 1.75 per on-site minute ($105.00/hour) with a 50.00 minimum. If you have to charge this one customer for your rental cost plus labor fees then you might not get the job and he certainly won't appreciate your price.

    My advice would be to schedule the customer's aeration service for late September and try to get a small deposit so he won't back out. Then get as many aeration jobs as you can before that date. Call your local rental shop and RESERVE the aerator for the day you told the customer you would complete the aeration. Then when the day comes you will have maybe 5, 7, 10 or more aerations to complete on that day making the rental worth while. You can spread the rental cost among all of your aeration clients that day. This will give you a reasonable price that will keep your aeration cost competitive and will certainly increase your profit.

    Let me share a story...this is when I was first starting my lawn service business. I put flyers out in a neighborhood offering aeration service for $35.00 each yard (small yards). I was worried because I knew that if only a couple of people called I would be working for free just to pay the rental rate on the machine. As it turned out, about 25 people called in and wanted the service! Also, the homeowners association president wanted the entrance to the neighborhood done as well! I was able to charge $125.00 for the entrance and with all of the other aerations I made about $825.00 in two days! That was great!

    Looking back I realize it was a risk, but it worked out very well for me. My advice though is to charge a minimum rate that is around the price of your minimum aerator rental rate because the customer can't go out and rent the aerator and do it himself for that!

    Hope this helps!

    Express Lawn Services of Tulsa
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    assuming its flat ground....$190...more if hilly...dont give this service away at a low price

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