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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by KirbysLawn, Feb 19, 2001.

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    Mscotrid pointed out that my calculations were off on another post, he was correct. I have not mixed any yet and have found the Dimension Ultra WSP label confusing. The label stated use 2 WSP per acre, so each WSP should cover 1/2 aera, right? However the label says each WSP covers 10,900 sf, not 21,700 sf therefore you would need 4 WSP per acre. What's the deal, any ideas?? I've confused both local Lesco's with this one and was hoping someone hear may have thae answer.

    Here's the label, I'm usimg program 2 South:

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    All you have to do is remember each WSP is equal to .125 in active Dimension.

    As long as you know what your spray rig is calibrated to gpm you should be alright.

    Have your Lesco store call SC 413 it's the Lesco service center in kansas or you can call 1-800-910-7333
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    Do you see the confusion??

    Thanks for the info, my sprayer is at 2 gallons per min. What would your figures show as being the coverage area and how much water would be used per WSP?
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    I've always used the formula that a man can spray 1000sqft per minute. At 1000sqft@2gpm your 200 gallon tank would cover 100k. Total acreage would be 2.3 depending on the ai you want to use your # of wsp will vary.

    The challenge with the wsp compared to the ec formulation will be limitations in the mix. You might have to decide between 4 or 5 wsp's per tank to get your recomended active on the ground.

    @ 4 packs per 2.3 acres you will have .22ai
    @ 5 packs per 2.3 acres you will have .27ai

    My understanding of the new packaging you should be able to use the 4 wsp with high control. The wsp performs at a lower rate than the EC formulation does.


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    Messed with me when I read it also. You are doing split apps? How much are you paying for a case of this product. I paid $880.00 at Lesco and had no other comparison shopping prices. I sure smells a lot better than that nasty EC formulation! Later, Robert Stroud!
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    The label, for South, Program 2, states coverage of 10,900 ft², and suggests split applications. With 2 pouches per Acre, you are achieving coverage of 21,800 ft² per pouch on each of the two applications. Net coverage of the two apps is 10,900 as label states.

    If you are doing a single app, then you will have to double the rate to 4 pouches per Acre, which is the same amount of product and AI that would be applied in two split apps. However, a single app will not get as long a window of control as the split app.

    Also, the split app is making better use of the pre/post properties of Dimension. Since nothing in nature is 100%, split apps will give much better control. With a single heavy app, there is a good control ratio - from memory, 90% to 98%. Now if you do a split app, and get a 90% control during the heavy germination in early spring, the second app, if you have timed it properly, will knock out the weeds that got thru the first app. This is the reason you spend so much for Dimension, so use it split as label suggests to get your buck`s worth.
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    I'am new at this,but what I have learned split the way to go.For you guys using Dimension what are you charging per 1,000 sq.ft.?I was planing on using Pendulem {sp ?}for per-m,but its my understanding that Dimension is a better product but cost much more.Thanks for your help,John

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