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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by albhb3, Mar 21, 2009.

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    Ok guys and gals I have been looking to the future and have been wondering how many mowers can you fit in a 16 18 and 20 ft trailer? Also does 7 to 8 foot make that much of a difference. I will be looking to put lazer z and a TT in there along with the blowers and different things. Does anyone care for the V fronts for extra storage or does in not make that much of a difference. I am primarily looking full alum. for the weight and lack of rust. I am assuming 3500# axels as well? What are your opinions on Wells Cargo, Haulmark, and Haulin trailers. Any coment on newman or triton. Thanks I know theres alot of Qs in here. AJS
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    Our first enclosed trailer was a 8.5x16 and we fit a 36" w/b and a rider with a bagging unit on it, that's all we could fit. We are picking up a 8.5x24ft V nose in a few days and now we can fit a 36"w/b, a rider (with bagger) and another w/b with a few feet to spare. I wanted a V nose so I could put the tools and junk on a shelf which will be in the "V" space. The box space is 24ft with 3ft of "V" space.
    If your looking at a full aluminum trailer expect to spend BIG BUCKS in the ball park of 10K. If I could do it all over again I would have just bought a 20ft right off the bat. Also I would get up graded axles, the 3500lb axles (x2)= a GVWR of 7000lbs but a larger trailer will weigh in at around 4k so that only gives you a carrying capacity of around 3k which isn't much with a few mower's. As far as manufactures...imo, who ever gives you the best price. They are all basically built the same. Ours is a ProLine which looked just like several other trailer's we looked at, just a different sticker slapped on it. One thing to look at if your going to get it lettered is a trailer with no rivets. I've seen a few but there were things I didn't like about the trailer itself on the inside. Hope this helps.

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