Question on fixed deck mowers........


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I have a Bunton 48 inch cut fixed deck mower. Does anyone know if there is a kit that can mount anti-scalping wheels on the deck. If not, does anyone know why they don't mount these wheels for fixed decks, but provide them for the floating decks. If anyone knows of a kit, please provide a link. Thanks guys!!


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wouldn't anti-scalp wheels tend to float the front and drive wheels off of the ground on a fixed deck machine? just a thought.<p>GEO


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also, on a fixed deck, the wheels would have to float the whole machine or at least one side of it, thats 200-400 pounds. thats a lot of pressure for a small wheel, it would probably sink in the ground, or gouge it. on a floating deck WB, the anti-scalp wheel only has to float the deck, maybe 50-150 pounds, and 150 pounds is a very high estimate.

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