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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by guntruck, Jun 20, 2001.

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    We have a new account we picked and its a new built house. The house is very large and the lawn is like an acre and a half. I cant understand how these people pay 700,000 for a house and the soil (clay and rock) is so pathetic. Well, my question is when i inspected the turf the grass is very thin rye. The clay has ALOT of moss growing on it, and the lawn seems always wet even on scorching days. Now she does have irrigation and it comes on she said like 4 in the morning. The very compacted clay is not letting the water penetrate is my guess hence the wet turf all the time. But why the moss? There is no shade here its exposed to daylight all day. She is very unhappy with the lawn and the homeowners association wont do anything. The yard is very hilly in spots but the moss is everywhere, i have never seen anything quite like it. Why is the lawn always wet even in the heat? Why all the moss? And most importantly where do i beging to make ammends in the summer heat with a thin thin rye grass thats already on its last leg in this highly compacted clay and rock? Thanks!!
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    With regards to your new account; Since a lot of customers do not see the point of spending the money on having their sod installed correctly with the correct amount of topsoil what I can suggest for you and the customer is aeration. Once in the spring and once in the fall probably for the next three years. The process of aeration will allow the clay to break up and for the grass to begin re-rooting itself. If you need additional info on aeration, please feel free to email me back at Also have the customer water their property at 7 a.m. not 4 a.m. The lawn may have a fungus and the best solution is to have a fungus treatment done, watering to be done once in the morning and again between 5 and 6 p.m. - during the summer, as well as when the lawn is being mowed to have the blades raised to keep any mold or fungus from spreading. I hope this helps! Nicole
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    Thanks, im gonna try with heavy aeration first in the fall, should i do a lite aeration now? Can it make this matter any worse?
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    How about overseeding now? Could that help?
  6. Moss is a sign of low "N".
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    if you aereate it can help but take it real easy as grass is under sress. i assume we are talking perinial(sp)
  8. midght need to aerate a lot top dress with some good topsoil overseed it and fetilize it put that irr. system to good use

    they spent $700 grand for the house they should spend less than a grand to do this

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