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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RMcGhee, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. RMcGhee

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    I have a 23 hp Kohler, Toro 52 inch cut..It cuts my weekly accounts just fine. It struggles with some of my 2 week accounts..I am going to buy a bigger mower..I am looking at a Grasshopper 27 hp kohler command 60 inch cut.

    Will the 27 hp mow with significantly more power or is it going to be about the same?

    I don't mind slowing down but I hate remowing!

    Thanks in advance...
  2. puppypaws

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    I don't know how hard a Grasshopper is on power but the 27 is a lot different than what you have. I would say you will be well pleased with the power of the 27.

    I went from a 25 Kawasaki to a 27 Kohler and then to the one I have now which is the 28 efi Kohler. I could tell a difference in the power of each engine. The 27 Kohler is a well proven engine, just make sure to switch it off from half to open throttle so it will not backfire, that is the designed switch off procedure.
  3. Grass Happens

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    The 27 is such a sweet, sweet engine. I haven't heard of anyone saying they didn't have enough power.
  4. delphied

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    Demo it on your yards before you buy it.
  5. jknowles4

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    I have a 27 kohler on a 60" super z and it is awesome. I have mowed some very tall grass and it boggs a little but never has a problem going through it. Like they said, turn it off at half throttle. The backfire is very loud when you are in an enclosed trailer, down by the muffler, tightening the quick strap. I thought someone shot a killed me!!!!!
  6. puppypaws

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    I think you would always want to demo on your properties.

    I have a friend that has been in the commercial mowing business for over 20 years and has owned virtually every brand of mower there is. He is one that just likes to have something new, well he bought a new Hustler Super Z 66"/28 efi with flex forks in 2006. He was at the dealers one day and saw a Cub Tank with a 37 hp Kawasaki the first one to come in, so on a whim he traded because he wanted the big engine. He hates that thing with a passion because it rides so rough he has to really slow down to stand the ride (he's had back surgery). He told me it wouldn't matter if it was 25 hp no faster than he can cut. I said "well old buddy you are definitely old enough to know better than buy a mower without trying it". The factory called him last week to follow up on what he thought about the mower and he told them he could not believe he was stupid enough to trade a good riding Hustler for their rough riding tank. They talked with him a long time and got him to tell them things he would change about the mower.

    That is just a factual account of what delphied is talking about. I can see that happening to a 20 year old but not a 60 year old man that has been in the business that long. I make mistakes but you can bet that will never be one of them.

    I can't imagine how bad that would scare you inside of an enclosed trailer because it tears your nerves up in an open area. I had one 27 that would backfire every way you switched it off but wide open and once I started that it never backfired again.
  7. Dunn's

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    With all the rain that area has been getting I don't think it will matter what engine you have on the Bi-weekly cuts. That is why most lawnservices dump the bi-weekls unless they are one of the few lawns that actually only needs to be cut bi-weekly.

    Hope this helps a little.
  8. T Total Lawncare

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    Hey Puppypaws just wanted to let you know I still have not backfired since I used your advice.
  9. puppypaws

    puppypaws LawnSite Fanatic
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    You just listen well where some people don't, glad it squared you away because it is not good for a engine to constantly backfire like that.

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