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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by cod8825, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. cod8825

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    Ok I hope that I can get a little help from some of you all that live in an around Kansas City as their are just minute differences from city to city on being a LCO. We have been in business six years and have been mostly doing low end commercial accounts parks, Churches, and apartment complexes. The problem is my partner and I are wanting to really ramp up for the upcoming snow season and 2008 mowing season.

    The problem is we are not the best at bidding as stated above and getting contacts. How do we get to the company, person, organization that makes the decisions for business parks and strip malls. Any suggestions, alot of the places around here don't have offices at the places or numbers to call for strip mall. Most just have a real estate agent or company that does the leasing for them.

    Any thoughts I am thinking about buying like a phone list from a data bank to see if that works. I have tried going into the business in the city of Belton and go into the businesses and say that I am turning bids for service who is the company or firm that makes decisions for maintenance. I will also ask who the landlord is to see if that works. Am I spinning my wheels because I have done this all day and am typing this thread from the library to get help because I am so frustrated ;)

    Sorry it was so long any help would be most welcome
  2. cod8825

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    Oh come on guys I know that you have some advice out there for this situation anything anywhere would be helpful
  3. txgrassguy

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    Start interacting with your local chamber of commerce.
    Also any local building industry associations, professional groups, heck try even the Lion's and Rotary's.
    Networking, which is what you are doing is like paving a road - at first is appears daunting then before you know it the first couple of miles are done and the rest is gravy.
    As one final point, volunteer to appear on a local PBS station gardener show, strut your stuff and get the business name out there.
  4. bohiaa

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    HAve you ever thought of hireing a " Front man "

    also knowned as a salesman, someone that looks like the all Americian boy,
  5. cod8825

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    For the moment I am the front man we are kind of at the point where we are scratching our heads thinking about letting some workers go. If we do not get something this season set up for next we will lose close to 50% of our business. I came in two years ago for lawn apps and such but we are just not getting hired. We turn in a little over 100 bids and got one account from that.

    I have a hard time convincing my partner manager that we should stop lowballing and get a professional outfit. Same trucks, uniforms, hats the works then this hoshpoge thing we got going.
  6. ed2hess

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    Guess you city don't have property managers?
  7. carcrz

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    100 bids & 1 return? Something's not right there. It could be so many things though. It could be your prices, competitor's prices, your appearance, confidence, etc... It's so hard to tell. What areas are you trying to get into? I think the easiest & best way to get customers is to do lots & lots of door hangers. When I put them out, I hit them in mid-February, 3rd week in March, early May, & again in the Fall a couple times. I don't usually do all of those, but definitely March & the Fall.

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