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Question on Land Clearing & Prep

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Madpunter, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. Madpunter

    Madpunter LawnSite Member
    Messages: 10


    I have about 1/5 (90'x110') acre that I want:
    o cleared (of brush, saplings, and a couple stumps)
    o graded (it is relatively flat, but has some large depressions)
    o topped with 4 inches of loam (base for the grass)
    o base set for a retaining wall (2-3' tall along one 90' length).

    The lot is a rectangular shape and will be used simply for a grass area.

    I have gotten several estimates that are all over the board. I want a quality job done and know cheapest isn't best, but then again neither is overpaying. I need some help.

    Some more details:

    o I probably need about ten 10 wheel trucks of good fill
    o I guess I need about 300 yards of loam (woth some left over).
    o The area slopes maybe 4-5' over the 90' width of the plot.
    o Between the fill and the loam I want to level it out to the hight of the retaining wall which will run the length of one 90' side of the plot.
    o There are three large trees in the area that will need to be welled. (with flat stone)

    There are no large trees left to clear, but there are 3 large stumps to deal with. There is great access to the site and no time crunch for the project.

    I am looking to have the contractor get the site ready to the point where I can seed it. Also to have a level and compacted base on which to build the 90' retaining wall.

    I have never done this type of work before so I am at a loss on juding value. In the past in that type of situation I get several estimates and then compare contractor reputations and then chose a good "value".

    All quotes so far have been very different ranging from $4000 up to $15,000. I have described the project identically to each bidder. How the heck do I choose and what do you folks think this job might be worth?

    Also do you think I can/should try to build the 3'x90' retaining wall myself or hire it out? I am very handy, just haven't built one before but am familiar with the "book" definition of how to do it.

    Please HELP ! :confused:

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