Question on parking lot Price


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I am located in Michigan the Grand Rapids are to more specific, and i have a ? on pricing a parking lot that takes me 1 hr and 15 min for normal snowfall 2-5 inches. Any help would be appreciated. thanks


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You should probably base your work at getting between $70 and $125 per hour in your area, you get about 15-20 pushes a year dont you? I live south and east of you and we get about 10 pushes, so the rate is a little higher on most accounts. Other variables include, needs of customer, traffic, location, ease of work, time frame, etc.

Although, a competetor contractor tried to underbid a 4 acre church we do today. He bid his work out ar $45 a truck hour, and 90 per salt ton, what a non money making dude. If he is paying proper insurance etc, he is loosing money! he wont be around for long, he will be back working as a sub as soon as someone slips and sues! Anyway, my church laughed with me about it. The church accountant was "scared" at his lowball price. This goes to show you, the lowest price does not always get the contract, because it makes the contractor look unreliable and ignorant, and unprofessional, and...........

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