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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Lawnboy112, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. Lawnboy112

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    My parents are having a patio done at our house in NJ. Theres a 5' x 30' walkway to the front of the house and a 23' x 30' Patio in the front. We have an existing patio there now. We have 1 estimate already, and we think is a little high. The patio and walkway are to be done with paver's. They are charging 1400$ to take out the old patio and walkway, and 6800$ to do the patio and walkway. I need to know if the price is high low or what. Any input is appreciated.

  2. The Good Earth

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    You really think that price is high? The patio alone is 690 square feet. I have a simple little formula that generally works to ballpark a patio job. 200 square is in the $5k area, 300 square is in the $10k area, 400 square is in the $15k area, 500 square is in the $20k area, 600 square is in the $25k area. I wouldn't think you could get that job done for much less than $28k. I am saying that not knowing the job particulars, though.

    You are adding an addition to the home. If a carpenter quoted $6800 for a 690 square foot addition to your home what would you say? I would think that he was off his rocker and quality would most certainly suffer. Those folks that quoted $6800 for this gig are giving you a price of $8.09 a square foot. That is a joke. If you think that is high, man, I don't know what you want a brother to do it for. They aren't leaving much room for profit.

    This ain't UNICEF.
  3. Henry

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    If that job has easy access and you go with a non-tumbled paver we would do it for around $12,500. Where in NJ are you lawnboy? We're usually a bit higher than most around here but that price is ridiculous.

    If I could get 28k for a job like that my fatboy would have alot more miles on it.
  4. jbintexas

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    From everybody I've talked to in the Houston and Dallas areas, normal paver patios and walks of that size seem to average around 8-9 bucks per sq. ft.
    Nowhere near what you guys seem to getting!
  5. chuckers

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    40$ a Square foot are you NUTS? :dizzy:
  6. Eddie B

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    our patio was $7,200 total, about the same dimensions. I don't have the exact measurements handy.
  7. Peach

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    Thye guys around Indpls who specialize in pavers were getting $12.50/ sq. ft. 2 yrs ago.

    I'm at $15 - $17 this year. I wouldn't even start without $6400 down payment. And I'd get at least 12,600 complete.

    So no....that is a very good price. Not a bit high.

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