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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by AgriCut, Feb 19, 2008.

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    I was wanting to post this on the estimate thread, but no new posts are allowed for some reason. Heres the skinny...

    I have a small project im working on a quote for. Its a decent sized resedential (ryan home). The customer is wanting her shrubs trimmed and mulch put down. I estimated it to be around 4 yards of red oak mulch. I see where some people charge $50 a yard to install. Now do you also add on the price of the mulch plus the 20% m arkup? So is it safe to say that for a 4 yard mulch job, an appropriate price could be $350?, including the use of the truck and edging.

    She also has a "dying" lilac on the corner of the house. She says that it isnt flowering as much and thinks its on its last thread. I suggested adding some soil, lime and some 10-10-10 fertilizer. I think that it will take approx. 30min from unloading the materials until the plant is watered in pretty good. I think that starting at $25 for labor on that plus the cost of materials is a decent start. any suggestions?

    She wants her shrubs trimmed. I counted 13 that needs attention. 2 burners, 2 spirea, 1 viburnum, 1 sand cherry, 1 rodie, 1 juniper, 1 barberry, 1 taxus and 2 small evergreens and a larger arb. Not really sure where to begin with the shrubs as far as estimating goes. I guessed it would take me an hour to hit all of them. And about the same for cleanup, however, she wants the old mulch removed. So Im guessing it would take me two hours to clear the old mulch with the clippings.

    Should I add the old mulch removal as part of the mulching, or add it to the shrub clippings cleanup?

    The is also an older birch in the front yard infested with bores. I told her that the tree probably didnt have a chance and that it would be best to remove it and plant something else in its place. I did some research on it seems that the bronze birch borer was the culprit. Any trees out there with a maximum heigth of around 20 ft. immune to bores? or trees that bores dont really go after? I was guessing around $250 for the tree removal.

    Can anyone give me a hand on this? Thanks in advance.
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    I charge $40 per hour per man for everything other than the mulch, then $65 per yard for the mulch installed unless its cedar then about $80 per yard installed. Start there then you can add deliv fee for mulch, and fert for the lilac.

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