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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CutNLawns, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. CutNLawns

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    Was asked to give a bid on a very small OLD Cemetary and had a few questions. Did some searching on here but most were for larger cemetarys. This is only about 1ac and has around 150+ head stones above ground that would need trimmed. They are very old from the early 1800's to 2007 and are in pretty good rows but close together at times.

    I am also bidding on a decent residence for the same person that would be a nice addition to my route so i would like to give this much thought to make it profitable and not a regret.

    So....1ac cemetary with 150+ stones for trimming with a 60 ztr or 36wb any suggestions? Also what do you guys do when it is wet and you discharge onto a two hundred yr old or a brand new headstone and turn it green???
  2. Carolina Cuts

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    how long will it take YOU?

    bag it.
  3. bohiaa

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    theres a certain HONOR and respect with doing lots that are from the 1800.

    cant tell ya what to bid, a lot of line trimming.

    I hope you understand the honor, and you will recive other business from doing this.
  4. cemeteryman

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    I have a Cemetery that opened in 1824, it is about 5 acres with about 900 stones. I use a 60" zero turn with a York sheet metal OCDC (the director) that keeps the clippings off of the stones for the most part. The oldest part has a couple parts where only a walk behind will fit, but I trim low enough the trimming only needs done every other mowing.

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