Question on Spring Fertilizer for Lawn Planted Last Fall

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Cliffside Stump Grinding, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Cliffside Stump Grinding

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    Went through a major renovation last year, and it was all worth it. Had one of the nicest lawns I know of in the month of October last year.
    Ended up bringing in topsoil, and re-planting the entire acre of lawn.

    Had a blend of fescues in the back shaded portion, and for the rest of the lawn, I used the Metro blend. (All Lesco Seed)

    Planted in early September, watered, and was mowing around 5 weeks or so later. Hit it with starter once more too, and WOW did that make it get thick.

    Figured I mowed about 10 times last year. Lawn was nice and cleaned up when it finally got cold, and then winter came.

    Now its spring. I need to do a cleanup, and then fertilize. Im pretty hip on Lesco products, however I do know they have alot to choose from, and the right choice is critical. I live in Connecticut, if that matters. What should I use for fertilizer, and when??

    Any help would be much appreciated
  2. PSUturf

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    When was it fertilized last? If you did it around the time that the grass stopped growing for the year I would wait until early to mid May to fertilize again. If you fertilized when the grass was starting to go dormant the roots were still taking up nutrients which would be stored for Spring growth.

    When the grass in your area starts to green up if yours is looking a little pale than I would fertilize it right away. Lesco's best product is probably the Novex fertilizer. It has a long period of controlled release. You won't get short growth spurts with this product like you would with cheaper fertilizers.
  3. Cliffside Stump Grinding

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    Update. Went out yesterday for a closer look. ALthough Ive got some good grass, it seems I still have plenty of seedlings, and very very light grasses mostly out back. I can see seeds, but when I pick them up, they are attached with just alittle root.

    I know with fertilizer, I will kill all of that.

    I was told Lesco made a starter fert with crabgrass preventer. I thought this would be a pretty good shot at a first treatment.
  4. Smallaxe

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    If you have seedlings still coming along you do not want to pre-m. Crabgrass requires warmer temps to germinate so you generally have time. Pre-m does not stop germination it stifles the young root.

    I agree with PSU that mid May fertilizer is smarter choice. Give the roots a chance to grow into the soil rather than encouraging surface growth.
  5. Cliffside Stump Grinding

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    Yup, thats exactly what the Lesco guy just told me. Wait till mid-May before applying a fertilizer. But he also said that if I used starter in early October, that has most likely run out.

    He reccomended to hit is with 18-24-12 starter fert now, and wait till mid-may to get into anything else.

    Thanks for the help guys. :weightlifter:

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