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question on the 'old' 3-wheel BobCat riders?


LawnSite Senior Member
(too far to just go look) Does anyone know if the early 3-wheel Bob-Cat rider front mount mowers were ever hydro drive? Not sure of model but has B&S 18hp I think. Might be T-100?..just wondering if any early ones were hydro drive?..belt drive? He did mention it was belt drive..but also said you just pust pedal forward or back for reverse? almost sounds hydro. ALSO..fact that it is old..was it reliable in it's day? (60")thanks


LawnSite Senior Member
Hilton, NY
Not sure about really old models, but the Bob-Cat T3100's, or was it the T3101's, came with an Eaton 851 transaxle. I had one.


LawnSite Senior Member
Mike -I had a Scag sthm with a blower..I didn't own very long so am wondering- Please explain.. does the BC use hydro and transaxle together? or one or other?