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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ironwolf, Jan 23, 2006.

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    First time poster short time lurker. I live in Racine, WI (southeast) near Lake Michigan and work fulltime at an office job. I have been cutting lawns for 6 years or so with a 21 inch mower:) . Most of the lawns I cut for are between 5000 and 10000 square feet. Nearly everyone that I cut for are widowed people in there 70’s. I currently have 13 lawns and I am looking to double that this spring. I have about $2000 to invest for a new mower, so I thought I would get a WB. So here are my questions -
    Would $1800.00 be a good price for a 1997 Toro 44 inch WB hydro with T-bar steering from a dealer? The hour meter show 400 hours. The machine and deck appear to be in good condition and the machine started right away (electric start). The dealer stated that the machine was serviced last fall. Dealer stated that owner traded the machine in because the employees like the zero turn riders and do not liking walking. I have used the dealer before to buy an Echo string trimmer, blower and hedge trimmer and so far have been satisfied with the dealer.

    1. What are the differences between the 1997 Toro 44 inch WB hydro with T-bar steering and a 2005/2006 Toro 44 inch WB hydro with T-bar steering?
    2. What questions should I ask the dealer regarding the WB?
    3. The dealer offered a 30 day warranty. Is this typically?
    4. Any thing else that I shoulf know?

    Thanks in advance for reading and responding to this post.

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    $1800 for a 7-8 year old machine seems high. I have a 44" toro hydro with 17 hp Kaw that I am looking to sell and would be happy to take a $1000 for it. According to your post it would seem this mower is in better shape though. I am not sure whether you can get a new Toro hydro mower at this time. If you can, it would be the classic line which would be similar to this unit. You might ask to speak with the previous owner about the mower. You could do a compression check on the engine which might help gauge its condition. At the least I would listen to the unit run with the blades turning and check all of the belts especially the hydro pump belt. Also, I would run the unit long enough to see if the hourmeter works. If not, it may have a lot more hours on it than it shows. Does this mower have a 15hp Kohler? If so, it may be a bit underpowered.
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    I demoed a T-Bar hydro and its kinda jerky, the hydro isnt really smooth, but I only operated the machine for a few minutes. The T-bar in a gear drive is alot smoother but I realize that you are buying a used mower and thats not an option. With some pactice I think the hydro T-bar will be ok. I cant comment on the price because I havent checked on the price of a new/used mower in that size. When does the 30 day warranty start? If the warranty starts the day you purchase it, the warranty will be over before mowing season starts in Wis. (if you purchase it in the next few weeks). I would try to defer the 30 day warranty till maybe april 15th may 1st depending on when you start.Also check and see how worn the blades seem to be, make sure the hydro fluid seems clean and if the filter looks like a new one. Grab the blades and see if they have any play in them to indicate a worn spindle


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